Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh Me OH MY it has been a while

Oh I don't even know where to begin with this post as this has been a CRAZY and unusual week. As a creature of habit I can easily be thrown off course and this week was a PRIME example! It went by so quickly and I have been exhausted the entire time. Apparently Carsyn was too at first as she slept an unusually long amount for naps and even slept until 7 two mornings this week (with a wake up during the night of course). I got so SPOILED!

So last time I left you Carsyn was diagnosed with double ear infections. You would never know it since because she has shown no signs of pain. BUT for all mommies out there you know what Augmentin does to your baby but for those who haven't had the pleasure let me tell you...DIARRHEA!!!!!!!!!! Every hour it seemed! And what does Diarrhea cause for babies? HELLACIUOUS diaper rash and welts! Poor Carsyn's booty! The doctor's office suggested I continue the meds as prescribed but make sure she ate lots of bananas and yogurt to stop her back up! Also they called in "Super Diaper Rash cream" that got rid of the bumps in a day or so. Carsyn's whining has been in EXTREME excess lately which I mostly likely attribute to this new TODDLERHOOD that we are embarking on. However, today she was biting on my fingers- (yes it hurt not like puppy teeth) and I felt FOUR new teeth coming in- 2 on top and 2 on bottom! I guess I would WHINE alot too if I had all of these ailments in addition to not being able to fully express my every wish and not understanding why I get told NO all of the time!

So to recap our weekly events- Monday we missed Storytime as she slept through it and I NEVER wake baby Carsyn unless in emergencies! Tuesday she made it to Mom's Day Out but crashed pretty early when we got home and didn't take another nap. Wednesday I had to make a quick trip to H'burg (I am talking left at 10:30 got back at 2:30!) to pick up my bunnies for the photo shoot- so Aunt Mo and CiCi played rotating sitters for me! Thursday she woke up so early I didn't want to take her to Mom's Day Out the entire time for fear of her falling asleep there so I was going to take her late but she slept through it again! I sooo needed those 3 hrs to run errands that day! Friday my mom came back over and we attempted a trip to Hammond to see if the new stores had opened. Only a few had. Carsyn did pretty good on the cartrip, but in the store....that was not a fun experience. Terrible Twos seem to start before Two in my opinion and from what I have heard from friends. So does that mean they stop before Two ends?! Saturday I photographed other children for my Easter shoot while my Mom watched Carsyn. My dad came over too for a visit before he returns to work. I will have to get the pics from my mom she took- I was too busy taking other's pictures! I did snap a few of Carsyn in her Easter ensemble which I will post after I edit. These might be some of my favorites of her yet! I may finally have one good enough to get put on Canvas!

And today we went to church and worked on some house projects. Well Daddy mostly did the physical labor while I kept Carsyn out of harms way.... :) She through a 20 minute fit because she wanted to ride with him on the tractor! I was trying to videotape her "helping" him tear down the chain link fence that we are replacing with privacy but my video battery was dead! :(

Oh and I keep forgetting to inform everyone of Carsyn's new skill. Apparently potty training is not far off as she now will tell you sometimes if she needs a new diaper and will go lay down on the mat and hand you a new one. Also she showed she needed a new diaper at my mom's last week and when asked if she need to go potty she ran to the potty and started pulling off her clothes! WOW I had no idea she had such understanding. I have put her on the potty from time to time this week but she just sits and then wants to flush.

Anyway I hope our week will be back on routine this week- I just do not deal well with CHANGE! I am sorry there are no pics at the moment but I promise I will make up for it!


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