Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am creating a DIVA

A Girl Can never have too many shoes!
All of the sudden Carsyn has become obsessed with SHOES! And her feet?! She will change a pair of shoes 10 times a day. She will run and get a new pair out of her armoire and and try to put them on and then bring them to me to put on. ESPECIALLY the squeaky ones or the ones that make a tap sound when she walks. And THIS morning she totally caught me off guard...I didn't think I would have to worry about "wardrobe battles" until she was at least 2 or so but OH NO! This morning while getting ready for church she wanted to wear the Pink Squeaky shoes with her red and black no? You have to wear the black ones. BIG TANTRUM to wear the pink squeaky shoes! What- you are 15mos old? So off to church in the black shoes we go. AS SOON AS we got home...she ran to her room and got the pink shoes! She seriously remembered!

Carsyn also LOVES jewelry! She gets in trouble everyday for going into my jewelry box! And she loves to put necklaces on and off. Where did this accessorizing come from?! Daddy better start making some big bucks to pay for this! I can totally see Carsyn loving to play dress-up soon!

I have been shooting my Easter portraits for the last 2 weeks and today Carsyn got to spend an entire afternoon with Daddy by herself. Of course, according to him she was an angel and no crying or whining. Why does Mommy = Whine?! It seems they had a grand time without me! :(

Here are some shots I got of Carsyn after my sessions last weekend. (Don't worry other mommies your cd is in the mail. I didn't edit my own child before yours!) You can check my photo blog for some sneaks of last weekend's shoot.

We have BUSY week ahead of us so I will try to catch up at some point!

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