Friday, April 3, 2009

My baby is the brightest crayon in the box!

Okay so maybe I am partial but I tell you MY little girl is SOOO stinkin smart! It baffles me! She cracks me up everyday with the secret knowledge I did not know she possessed.

Every day I tell myself Oh You have got to put that in the blog but alas busy takes over and I do not get a chance and then I forget what it was. I will try to recount some funny scenarios from this week.

#1 Diaper
It seems Carsyn is getting very close to beginning to potty-train. She knows where the potty is, what her diaper is, when it needs to be changed etc etc. Her great grandparents bought her a stepstool-seat to put on the regular potty so we are going to try and get that set up to use rather than her own separate potty. I feel I will have issues with having to dump a separate bucket out...ick...Anywho the other night during dinner I noticed she had a stinky so I said "Belle, we have to go change your diaper." She hopped down and ran to her room and laid down on the mat with the new diaper and wipes. After we cleaned it was close to bath time, so I said well "Why don't you just ran around naked for a bit until bath time...BUT don't teetee on the floor!" And low and behold what did she do before I could get the words out she teeteed on the floor! Not a first but still I yelled "OH NO!" So then I thought. well since she just teeteed she probably won't go again until bath time. Well I ran into the living room to check on something and I hear "UH OH!" and looked and she had teeteed EVEN MORE on the dining room floor! "OH Belle Don't MOVE," I said! I ran to the bathroom to get a towel and when I got back to wipe it up she took off to the bathroom! What did she go get? Toilet Paper of course to wipe herself with! HA HA HA!

#2 Bathtime
I know Carsyn knows what and where bath is...but I couldn't help but chuckle when she ran to her room tonight opened the drawers with the towels and bath rags and get both of them out and took them to the bath! HA HA! Thank goodness the crying during bathtime phase is over!

#3 Roger
If you recall I got a mini-lop rabbit a month or so back to use during my Easter portraits. Ultimately I did not end up using him so he now lives freely in the backyard and under the house. Surprisingly he does not run away and has yet to be eaten by a predator. Anyway he comes out in the morning and evening to eat some grass. This evening she ran outside and sat by the edge of where the opening to the house is and reached out her arms in the "come hither" motion and said "UGH UGH" for him to come out of hiding. Still not verbal yet but I thought it was humorous that she knew where he was and remembered he would come out at this time.

#4 Mother's Morning Out
Ms. Jan the director at MMO told me this week that she is very impressed with Carsyn's understanding of words and directions. They said she was trying to repeat what they said and would imitate their sounds. She also told me that there is an 8month old that Carsyn is infatuated with and likes to rub and pat and love. The baby can crawl and Carsyn patted her hand to thigh and made the "come hither" motion to the baby to follow her. When she turned around and baby was not following she put her hand on hip and said "UGH" "come hither motion"! HA HA!

While my child looks like her father- Danny has decided she is going to have my personality. Of course he draws these conclusions based upon her independence, strong-will, assertiveness, and observation skills. These skills, of course, can cause much frustrations for us as parents so is he saying my child got all of my negative qualities? I think not! Although I will take credit for her intellect!
HA HA! J/k!

Anyway that Carsyn Belle she is fixing to be 16 months going on 3! What fun is in store for us!

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