Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend Wrap-up

Okay so before I go into detail about our Easter weekend 2009...I want to reminice about Easter 2007!

When Danny and I decided we would not prevent against pregnancy we thought it would take several months to get pregnant. After I had been off birthcontrol 2 weeks Danny was so anxious he made me go get a pregnancy test. So on a Thursday I went to get one- I "thought" it read Negative. So on Saturday morning when I awoke at 6AM I felt the need to take another one. I don't know why. And this time I actually waited long enough for it to turn and with shaking hands I saw the Positive sign! OMG! I ran and woke him from his sleep shaking the test in his face. I couldn't not believe it. I ran back to the bathroom to retrieve the test from Thursday which was still in the trash and it was positive too! I had not waited long enough for it to finish changing! He made me take 3 more to make sure. Anyway I had to go take Easter Portraits all day that day with my first session being a maternity shoot. When I got home my dad called and asked if I knew what the Easter Bunny stood for....um no?....Fertility he said as if he knew what was going on! So he got to be the first to find out the pregnancy news and the Easter bunny will always have a special meaning to us in addition to the real reason we celebrate Easter!

So 2 years later.....

On Friday my mother and Carsyn and I ventured to Mobile to visit old friends. Mind you it took me several weeks of decision making and mind preperation to make the 3 hr trip because I KNOW how my child travels. But I had put it off too long so I forced myself to go. Carsyn was a perfect angel all the way down. After a late lunch I headed to check into the hotel so she could take a nap. Of course my child doesn't take naps in unformiliar places so after several attempts I put in the car to let her fall asleep and rode to my old house. The new owners have not kept it up very well. :( After a 50 minute car nap we ran a few places that the metrolpolis of Mccomb does not have and then it was time for dinner with my Mobile girls. Yum for Carrabas! Once again Carsyn behaved pretty good and my mom took her back to the hotel for bed while I ran to Melissa's new home. By the time I had arrived back Carsyn had already woken up once after 30 minutes of sleep and continued waking up every 30 minutes to an hour the remainder of the night! I am NOT KIDDING> I even put her in the bed with me which did not help and then caused me to wake up every 10 minutes to make sure she was not falling off the side of the bed. At 4:30 AM she awoke and decided not to return to sleep until 7:30! So began the sleep deprivation. Instead of continuing to shop we headed back to Hattiesburg. It was such a pretty day and in an attempt to still make good of our time we went to Kamper park for a picnic lunch and the zoo. It was nice and Carsyn slept the entire way back to Mccomb.

Sunday we got ready for church and planned to head straight to my aunt's for Easter dinner and egghunt when it was over. I hoped Carsyn would stay awake until time to go, but NO for the first time EVER she fell asleep in church in my arms in the pew for a 30 minute nap. And then was cranky and awake the entire 45min ride over. We had an enjoyable time with my family but my poor belle was so exhausted. But did she take a nap there that afternoon? Not really.

So while we had some good times and good photos the usual sleep issue caused for some big problems. It kills me when people tote their children all over the place and their kids seem fine and adjust to wherever they are. It has been weeks and weeks since Carsyn has slept for more than 4 hours or more without waking and then this littly doozy of a weekend has sent the poor child into sleep deprivation.

We are still in nap limbo...I was still trying to give her 2 naps a day which she easily took morning but faught afternoon. Usually if she went to sleep in the afternoon she awoke 30 minutes later grumpier than when she went to sleep. She can barely make it to noon for one nap because she wakes before dawn..usually at 5:45ish...but if she does make it to one nap she only sleeps for 1 hr even if I let her cry for a bit when she wakes. I know I have written about this countless times but seriously I am at my wits end. I am so sleep deprived and I don't feel my child is getting the healthy sleep she needs. Tonight she passed out at 620PM from exhaustion. So tonight begins a serious attempt at crying it out- completely not entering her room until 6AM in the morning. Pray for us. (For example she has already woken and cried out 3 times since she went to sleep and its 9PM)

Not to put a damper on the good times we had this weekend but to give an accurate account I had to discuss it. Please feel free to give me any travel tips that might help my little one learn to take the fun trips her momma plans for her!

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