Sunday, April 19, 2009

Get ready for this roller coaster ride!

MAN! If there were a parenting handbook I would be the first to get on the waiting list at! The one thing about parenthood that is so nerve wracking to me is the "I don't knows?!" AND I DO NOT LIKE NOT KNOWING!

So let's back track....we got back from Easter and Carsyn and Mama were exhausted!!! Sunday night she woke up every hour- 2hrs!!! I don't know why! Come Monday I was a zombie! We skipped Storytime because I just wanted to be a slug and I knew she would need a morning nap...Well she did take a LONG morning nap but then refused an afternoon nap! I left her in the crib for like an hour and no sleep! However come 6:15PM she passed out cold! So same bad night again Monday night and I decided to skip Mother's Morning Out because I knew she would need 2 naps again! This time she took 2 pretty long naps. Then on Wednesday night she woke up all night again! Crying bloodymurder not just whimpering! My head was spinning and my eyes were twitching on Thursday I was so exhausted. I had slept maybe a 3-4 hr stretch in the last 4 days. Not to count the weekend we had just endured! I was SOOOO relieved her 15 month check up was on Thursday. I was PRAYING the doctor would give me some answers or tell me I could give her some Melatonin! (More on the doctor visit in a bit- yes I realized she is 16 1/2 months more on that later I said!)

So Doctor tells us we MUST let her cry even uncontrollably and see if she can get over this. I was like she has 4 teeth coming in shouldn't I do something for her and he said there was not anything I could do for teething and Tylenol really didn't make a difference for teething! WHO KNOW?! Not me! Well that was all I needed to hear. So Thursday night she went to bed and started crying and we ignored her- she cried out numerous times but luckily I was so drained it was easier to turn over and go back to sleep. At 5:15 she woke up Friday morning and I made her cry until 6. I went in at 6 and picked her up and she fell back asleep. I put her in the crib and she slept until 9AM!!!!!!!! She had gone to bed at 7:15! So only one nap on Friday and then Friday night in bed by 7:30 and she woke at 6 and stayed up. Once again only one nap but a tad longer on Saturday.

So on Saturday we went over to the inlaws for a spell and she acted tired and cranky. I took her back home and went to put her down again at 3. While I was rocking her she looked up at me and threw up (out of her nose and mouth! I know YUCK!) all over me and her and Mr. Cow! It was horrible. She kept screaming until I got us both cleaned off and calmed her back down. She passed out in the rocking chair in my arms for a little while and then when she woke up was fine. In fact she started eating everything in sight (she had not eaten much all week). Weird, huh?! So anyway she didnt get to bed until 8:15 due to the late nap and then awoke at 5- I let her cry for a bit and then went in to see her and she went back to sleep at 5:40 and slept until 8:30!

I am so happy she has gotten the rest that she so desperately needs and certainly hope this will continue!

So about the doctor's visit.... I have mentioned before that I am not a BIG fan of this pediatrician office- more so the office staff than the Dr himself. No one informed me that Carsyn was to have a 15 month checkup. A friend happened to inform me that her daughter had gone for a 15mo check up and I was like there is such a thing? So I called to make it and first they blamed me for not making the appt and then they gave me an appointment 3 weeks later! UGH!
So come doctor visit day I was informed that when Mobile sent in her records she is missing a shot from her chart?! So they are going to give it to her again next checkup and we will never know if she did in fact get this shot and they just forgot to mark it down? I am ASSUMING the doctor knows if this is harmful or not?! Carsyn weighs 26lbs which is what I had guesstimated and she was healthy as a horse which also makes the throwing-up scenario weirder?! We will see them again for a 19mo check up...that is if they remembered to write it down this time!

So now it is Sunday and she is quietly napping. I feel as though we are exiting from a tunnel of fog that we have been engrossed in. Here is to a happy and restful week this week!


Mommy Managing said...

I've never taken my kids to a 15 month visit. But if it helped with your sleep situation, then I'm GLAD you went!

Blair said...

I am a huge beliver in Motrin for teething issues. Drs. can say all they want about it not really helping, but my girls can be three-headed monsters. I give the Motrin and about 20 to 30 minutes later they are happy and back to "normal"

Glad you are going to head to Global was so much fun and the girls loved it (and so did I!).

Good luck with the sleeping issues. I feel your pain!