Thursday, April 30, 2009

What have the Smith's been doing this week?

Well once again I think my Carsyn Belle has hit the accelerator for the next gear into toddler dome! I swear she has been running around this house like a MADMAN never stopping all week! She likes to yell all of the time! She works her bottom lip and instead of pouty face gives you a scrunched up "I'm so cute you could eat me up face." The whining and feet stomping have increased but is usually quick to end. She talks in Babynese all day long- still not really making any "real" words. I am pretty good at guessing what she wants/needs.

Carsyn's fascination with feet and shoes has continued and gotten more intense. I don't understand really- but she looks at her feet and takes shoes on and off all of the time. She also is obsessed with mine and Danny's shoes? Might she become a Podiatrist?

I know you are all on pins and needles to see if the sleep trends continued? Well yes and no. She had me spoiled there for several days sleeping until 8 and taking a 2 hr nap but that has ceased. I have tried to get it back but so far its a no go this week. She has been up and atem at 6:30 every morning and only taken 1 one hour nap from 12:30-1:30. I wish I knew how to lengthen it but I let her cry forever and it doesn't work. However for the most part she does sleep straight from 7:30-6:30 so no complaints from me on this part. We still have a few nights a week where she wakes up once. For someone reason this week the nights that I put her to bed she woke up and the nights that Danny put her to bed she didn't? Think that is a coincidence?

On the mommy front I have started back working out at the gym while Carsyn is at Mother's Morning Out. It's been rough seeing as how I haven't sweated in I know at least 16+months! I know shame on me! And I am not really going for weight loss (although losing 5lbs or a few inches wouldn't hurt!) rather just to feel more energized. Now that I am getting at least 7 hrs of sleep I can actually manage to run! Also I have been EXTREMELY busy with Senior Portraits so I am thankful for the sleep.

So that is all for now...spending the weekend doing wedding stuff for Cousin Megan. Wish us luck...oh and Megan and Martin too!

BTW here is a picture I forgot to post when we watched Maddy (Carsyn's BFF from next door) last week. Danny wanted to see what he would look like with 2 daughters...don't get any ideas just yet!

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Lyndsay said...

Look how long my child's toes are! LOL!