Sunday, May 3, 2009

John Deere Green

We had a GREAT weekend at Cousin Megan's wedding in Hburg but I will post that tomorrow when I receive the pics from various family members. BUT to tide you over here are some pics I snapped on Friday of Carsyn. She is ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with sitting in front seats of cars, riding the tractor with Daddy, and when she saw this "mini" tractor (lawnmower) daddy left in the yard she drove me CRAZY all morning wanting to go sit on it. So here she is - forget the BIGWHEEL- she is ready for the REAL DEAL. She climbed up there herself- and then tried to put the key in and move the gear shift!

I guess we can officially declare ourselves country now that we have been back in Mississippi a whole 9 months and my little Belle is on a John Deere Green!


Amanda Jones said...

Colby is the same way!! He wants to drive everything. When we get in the car and try to put him in the carseat, he constantly signs "drive" and yells up up up.
He also tries to put the keys in, they observe everything we do, lol!

Sara said...

oh my gosh, amanda... she is precious!!!!