Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aunt Mo

Aunt Mo graduated High School this past week. Now the little girl that everyone identifies as the baby is becoming an adult. I met Morgan when she was a Freshman in High School (I think?). Seeing as how she is 10 years younger than my husband it is no surprise to learn that she was an "oopsie" pregnancy! But the BEST "oopsie" I have ever known! You can tell that this family would not be the same if this missing link were not present. Always the calm mediator of the family and always there to listen if you need her to. I don't really have the same childhood nostalgia for Aunt Mo as the other family members because when I met her she was already a teenager and I tried to treat her as an adult rather than a child, but if I compare her age to say one of my cousins who is just graduating I can identify.

Morgan and I have had some fun times since I met her. My most favorite memory with her is when she came to stay with us in Mobile one summer and I ditched work to take her to Gulf Shores for the American Idol finale party. That was good fun. Or the Alaska family vacation will always be a fond memory climbing up 7 feet to the top of a cliff. Minus the FOREVER delay at the airport in the middle of the night sleeping on airport chairs or the seasick night we spent sleeping in bed together while everyone had fun without us.

It has been nice to know that Morgan is almost always readily available to help if needed, but alas I have to let her go to Starkvegas where she will get to have the TIME OF HER LIFE! (I'm kinda jealous)

Aunt Mo,
I will miss you and Carsyn will especially miss you (and your ipod). And your big brother will even miss you too even if he doesn't say it. Please visit home often. Enjoy these years as they go quickly! And don't study too much- there is more to college than education! :) Keep your blog updated so I can live vicariously through you!


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Sara said...

that is so sweet! i remember when morgan was just an itty bitty thing watching danny play baseball. amanda is right, morgan... time flies so enjoy every second of your college years! :)