Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding bliss

This past weekend was my cousin Megan's wedding in Bassfield/Hattiesburg. I was very apprehensive about the weekend as there were several events we were to attend that were going to throw Carsyn's schedule into a tizzy.
Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at Cowboy Jim's in Bassfield. We left the little "Belle" at home with a sitter to get her rest for the next day. Even though I and several other relatives was not in the wedding party(my choice as I am SURE she would have wanted me up there- right Meg?) we were invited to the dinner. Definitely in the middle of Mississippi backwoods but such a fun and unique atmosphere unlike nothing I have ever seen- alligators, geese, all kinds of critters, and flowers galor welcome you to the little restaurant on the swamp. Definitely stop by if you are in the Collins/Bassfield area. They even have an Elvis singer on the weekends and after serenading the Bride who did he choose as his next victim- why me of course? Maybe I reminded him of Priscilla?
Anyway as many rehearsal dinners are this one was a tearjerker- especially for our family as Megan had many tributes to our grandmother who passed away last summer. Megan even used the similar colors that were in my grandmother's wedding. My family is quite large by some respects. My mother has 5 sisters and there are 10 cousins total. What is unique about my family is how close we all are. Many times most people do not see their cousins but a few times a year but as a child, even growing up in Virginia for several years, I was always taught how important our family was. Danny remarked about his first meeting of my family on a Sunday afternoon for dinner. "There was nothing special about the day- just a Sunday- and people just kept showing up!" This was a regular occurrence in my life- Sunday dinner at Mamommy's. And when families are so close many times they also are the ones you fight with the most which is no different in our case, but evenings like this one remind you how truly lucky and special you are to have so many people who care about you. Hey- even my husband got teary-eyed and that seldom happens! Oh he is going to kill me for mentioning that!

So we did not get back to Mccomb until midnight after all of the toasts were made. And my little angel decided to awake at 6:15. We made it to the wedding at 4PM for pre-ceremony pictures and for me to grab my position as program attendant. Danny kept Carsyn back in the playroom because when she saw she would have to sit at the back away from me she wasn't having it. Then it was off to PARTAY in Hattiesburg at Southern Oaks. Also a unique venue which allowed for plenty of room indoors and out with birds and fish to entertain the youngins. Carsyn got to stay up WAY past her bedtime but guess who was the first on the dance floor...CARSYN! It was sooo hilarious and she was running around chasing this little girl and boy and would just run up and scream and laugh and grab there hands! Luckily we had planned for her to spend the night with my mom so Danny and I could stay at the hotel by ourselves (also I did not want a remake of the Mobile hotel stay). Even going to bed at 10 she still awoke at 6 since she was away from home.

After getting a good 8 hrs of sleep we had breakfast at the hotel, lunch at Olive Garden and then spent some time running a few places without a baby. What fun to be alone! It almost felt gluttonous! So we picked Carsyn up in the afternoon and she slept the entire way home. So all and all a pretty glorious weekend- expensive! BUT worth it!

Aww slow dance with hubby

Family doing the electric slide- I look goofy because Carsyn was in front of me!

And here she is cutting a rug!

Carsyn and the blushing bride

Carsyn and Cousin Jeremy while he holds Meg Meg's bouquet

Getting my serenade by Elvis
The bride and her mommy

Me and two of my beautiful cousins

The Smith family slow dancing- Carsyn never can keep those eyes open!

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