Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carsyn at 17months

Carsyn turned 17 months yesterday...almost a year and 1/2! These past 5 months have flown by quicker than any I can recount. Probably because she has been blowing and going! All day from the moment she wakes up she NEVER stops!

Currently we have taken a step back in sleep but not awful. She sleeps from 8-6 and naps from 12ish to 1:30ish. I can't seem to get these naps longer nor can I get her to wake later. The 8AM wakings that she spoiled me with for a week are long gone!

On Tuesday and Thursday she attends Mother's Morning Out and LOVES it! Me too! Today when I dropped her off she didn't even hug Ms. Jan she just took off running to the playroom and when I arrived to pick her up she didn't want to go! A little heartbreak for mama of scenes to come later in life! Seriously I think my child would rather be at preschool than home with me so I CAN'T wait for the fall when she starts preschool 3 mornings a week. I know she will love it! Ms. Jan always comments on how mature Carsyn is and how she likes to play with the older kids not the babies her age. This is no surprise...both of her parents are the same! My little Miss Independent!

She also is a BIG helper! She loves to help feed the cat, give the dog water, cook dinner, clean up spills. If she ever becomes a Big sister one day I know she will be a BIG help!

Teething is halfway done! THANK GOD!!!!!! As of now I think she has about 10 teeth with 4 of those molars! Yeah 4 molars came in AT THE SAME TIME! There may be a few other tiny ones but she won't keep her mouth open long enough for me to see them. Phew I will be happy when this is over as I am sure she will be!

Carsyn still does not speak many words but she babbles to you all day as if you know what she is saying. Sometimes something close to the actual word will come out. Neither myself or her father spoke many words until we turned 2 and then according to our parents you couldn't shut us up! I expect that with Carsyn and I can't wait to hear what she has to say!

Lately we have been dealing with frequent fits. The slightest aggrivation can cause her to throw her head down and begin shrieking. Luckily none of these have happened to us in public...YET. Usually if she starts down that path when we are in Walmart grocery shopping I simply ask her to be sweet to me and after a few requests she will give me a hug and stop. We do have to fight the urge to want to stand in the cart everytime we go to Walmart...not the back...the front! I really feel bad when I have to tell her No, Stop, Quit all day long!!! But I think she still loves me ;)

And the big new undertaking that we have embarked upon this month....Potty Training. For several months she has started showing interest. She understands what the potty is and where it is. Currently all she does is wipe and flush but nothing comes out. Since she is naked half of the time lately with it being summer and swimming I figured I might as well start. Problem is I don't know where to start?! I know the whole prize for going system but I have to figure out a system for us and I am not there yet.

Well this is my little Belle in a nutshell. She is such a little person that I sometimes forget she is still a baby!


Lyndsay said...

You forgot to say that she said BABY! And I swear the other day when she was babbling to me about the pool she said "water."

Amanda Jones said...

Today is the first day that Colby has stayed dry and used the potty all day (except #2). It helps me to give him fluids at certain times because he has to always go about 25 mins after drinking. Give her fluids and then put her in panties and watch the time to see how long it takes. It's almost the same amount of time everytime. Try to put her on the potty right when she wakes up, Colby goes everytime. In the beginning it's about putting them on the potty at the most predictable time they need to go, and hope you get lucky. Once you get lucky a few times they get the concept. It also helps to keep a basket of special toys or books that are only for potty time. The potty sign also comes in handy so she can communicate to you when she needs to go. I also make the ssss sound because it triggers a sensation and makes him teetee. Maybe some of these will work for you. He is great with #1 but thinks he is suppose to do #2 outside because Bentley does, any suggestions for that hehehe?
Good Luck!!