Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our week in review

This has been a LONG LONG week and I have been LAZY LAZY LAZY!

It has been so long I don't even remember the beginning of the week! Without our story-time and playmates we have been quite lost the past week or two. Carsyn and I have enjoyed a lot of time outside and in the pools!

On Thursday we hosted Aunto Morgan a senior get-together with some of her girls. It was a lot of fun and we played "old school" games like musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, dizzy bat, water balloons, and a Pinata. Carsyn loved playing with the big girls!

However that night she woke up numerous times and at 5 I got up with her to try to get her back to sleep. While rocking her I thought my ear drum was going to explode!!! I hardly EVER get sick and I was like "Do I have an ear infection?" So I headed to the Immediate Care clinic at 8 to discover I did in fact have fluid in my ear. I got to receive a nice little shot in my buttock. To which after I pulled up my pants the nurse said "Didn't you go to Co-lin?" Oh great just what I wanted that morning a Jr. College reunion with a girl who just looked at me A**! So the remainder of the day I was tired and sluggish. I felt horrible not being able to entertain Carsyn belle to my normal abilities. And to be honest my butt hurt for 2 days way worse than my ear ever did!

So on Saturday morning I continued my laziness and pretty much let Carsyn do whatever she wanted that would keep her content! Then after her nap I took her over to the grandparents for them to enjoy her company while I got a long awaited Pedicure!! That evening our dear friend, Miss. Marylou, came to watch the Belle while we went to the Caboose to attend Aunt Mo's family graduation dinner. YUM! So I know I enjoyed Saturday much more than Friday and I am sure Carsyn did as well having new company and entertainment! Every time Ms. Marylou keeps Carsyn she tell us that Carsyn let's her know when she is ready to go to bed and will go get her milk and cow and head to the room. That doesn't happen with us!!!

Well Saturday night was not a great night for Carsyn sleepwise as she awoke with a dirty diaper at 3 AM. And when I got back to bed by 4AM I was praying she would sleep past 6. Well at 7 I jumped up realizing she was still not awake. When I went to check on her I discovered she had another dirty diaper!! Apparently she slept with this one this time! So at 7:30 I woke her to change the diaper and to make sure we would have enough time for a nap before Aunt Mo's graduation that afternoon. I HATE waking a sleeping Carsyn! However she was in a great mood after waking and proceeded to dress herself in her rainboots, my watch, and a hairbow....looked something like this.....

(Don't you just love bedhead!)

So after church and lunch we headed home to put her down for nap. AGAIN I had to wake her at 2ish to go to graduation! Someone please tell me why the child sleeps well when we have somewhere to go and doesn't when I need her to sleep!

Aunt Mo will have a post dedicated in her honor tomorrow. Now I must go get in bed. I NEVER know what the night will hold for me!


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