Thursday, May 28, 2009

Everyday is something different..I never know what I am going to get

Lately Carsyn has been introducing me to several new phases of hers....everday is mundanely the same yet vastly different.

She has now learned to click her tongue against her teeth and the roof of her mouth and she does it all day! It is so cute. She loves for you to do it back.

She is OBSESSED with all of my shoes and pulls them all out everyday and trys to wear them around the house.

She was UNBELIEVABLY whiney and clingy from Sat-Wed but today my sweet little girl showed back up. I don't know where she went or why but today was a relief.

She has not had morning naps (unless traveling) in months but for the past several days she has fallen asleep in the late-morning and then taken another later afternon nap which has caused bedtime to be later. She has fallen asleep on her own not with my putting her to bed. This is after sleeping for a straight 10 hrs at night? Yeah for sleep...but it really messes up our schedule!

She never is really a big eater- but for the past week she has hardley eaten much of any meal?

Just today she dumped her bag of goldfish on the floor, poured the dog food on the floor, poured the dog water bowl on the floor, poured her yogurt melts on the floor of walmart...ahhh toddlers!

She now shakes her head NO NO NO to pretty much any questions you ask her. She doesn't say the word just shakes her head continuously NO. I can't help but laugh sometimes.

When I read her the book "Counting Kisses" immediately on the first page when it says "My sweet little baby do you need a kiss" she pulls whatever is in her mouth out and looks up and leans in for a big smooch. :)

She has begun climbing- thankfully I have not had to deal with this as I know other mother's who have children that have. She still shows no signs of climbing out of the crib but she is loving climbing on everything else- especially the back of the couch?

So this week has flown by and hopefully *fingers-crossed* we are going to make it Global Wildlife this weekend with Cousin Allie and Gracie.

We shall see what the future holds for us as we never know!

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