Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother/ Daughter trip to Global Wildlife

We made it to Global Wildlife this past weekend. Only about an hour from Mccomb so a great activity for the chilin' around here! Myself, Carsyn, Allison, and Gracie took off in the AM on Saturday. Hoping to get Carsyn to nap for the way down, however, she fought it with all she had finally caving in 20 minutes before we "thought" we would arrive. Luckily we drove around for another 20 minutes looking for a restaurant *note if you plan to go to Global Wildlife there is really only ONE restaurant in Folsom, LA! So we finally decided to stop at this "hole in the wall" for lack of better description that advertised that they served pizza. Actually the sign said Pizza Poboys and Daiquiris (how very Louisianian ;)). Once inside we found a quaint little pizzeria and bar that served much more than the sign described. Only after noticing the P.O. Boxes under the bar did we discover that the name of our little hideaway was the Ole Post very fitting, no? Anyway the owner was extremely nice and even turned the flat screen to iCarly on Nickelodeon for the girls! Secretly Allison and I enjoyed watching it too! :)
So after our bellies were full we headed down the road to Global Wildlife. I will let the pictures and link to the website explain in more detail. The ride on the caravan through the "terrain" was supposed to be 1hr and 1/2 and it ended up being about 2. A little too long for my Carsyn belle as she was done after the first hour. Surprisingly we had a nice breeze so the heat and humidity could have been worse!
Here are the pics of our adventure...btw please do not judge my photography skills by the unedited snapshots. Do you know how difficult it is to take pictures in a moving caravan, holding on to a moving 18month old, taking pictures of moving animals, holding a very heavy zoom lens? I was so afraid Carsyn was going to topple over the side of the cart! Or get bitten by a zebra...which btw they caution against feeding as they are known to be biters! Depending on your child's attention span and maturity I would say it is best for those over 2-3 but Carsyn still did enjoy it.

Awww sweet Cousin love...
Showing off her shades

Getting ready to feed the animals

Gracie and the camel have the same expression!


The caravan in front of us
Observing the animals

Blurry but still cute!
Mommy-daughter love!

Giraffe #1

Giraffe #2


Lyndsay said...

LOL so funny you mention the daiquris thing. Mitch and I were coming home from somewhere the other day and I said hey lets stop and get a daiquri! Well then it hit me for the first time that there are NO daiquri shops in MS! I am going to run away back home to NOLA. lol!

That pic of Gracie and the giraffe is HILARIOUS. They really do have the same expression!

Amanda Jones said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I will have to take Colby, Chris will love it too!

Amy Perry said...

Looks like a lot of fun!