Saturday, June 20, 2009

We did not have luck on our side this week...

PHEW this week has not been the best for me. I think there is a black cloud on our street.
I averaged about 5 hrs of sleep each night either due to Carsyn waking or some other random act that caused me to not get my 10-6 sleep.

1st- My neighbor had to go to the ER so I went to watch her baby from 10-12AM, of course my child still woke up at 6AM.
2nd- On Sunday night my child woke up and stayed up from 2-4 and then up again at 6AM! I called my mother to come over to help as I was a zombie and felt awful anyway.
3rd- My child woke up at 10:30 and was up until 11:30 screaming bloody murder that only God knows why because she seemed fine otherwise. I SERIOUSLY think she has sleep apnea. Then was back up at 6AM on the dot.
4th- Then the next night my child woke up from 1:30-3. Also this same night I discovered my eye was throbbing and swollen shut. When my child woke me at 6AM on the dot my eye was still shut- Pink eye Are you serious? So off to the Stat Care Dr I went to get $65 eye drops!

Thankfully my child has slept through the night the following 2 nights.

In the midst of all this nonsense we have been trying to enjoy ourselves at the pool, although when it is 100 degrees outside it pretty much is like a hot tub not a pool! I did get to go on Mother's Night Out even though my eye was still swollen and I couldn't put make-up on. And Carsyn got to have a play date with her other BFF Hannah all day yesterday at the pool and then at their church which was having a water play day with inflatable slides and sprinklers. Sorry no pics to show.

Today is chill, literally with the ac on lower than my husband would like, at the house day. Tomorrow we ride over to Clinton to see Grandfather Smith for Father's Day.

Have a nice Father's Day everyone!

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