Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beach Mama

This weekend starting tomorrow is my beach weekend get-a-away with some girlfriends from High school. Up until today I have been half excited/half nervous. It is the first time I will be away from my baby for more than one night. My mom will be here to help take care of Carsyn while Danny works. However, that in itself causes its own anxiety...son-n-law and mother-n-law together for 4 days! I am sure they will be fine! :)

Anywho as I said up until this morning I was apprehensive about my departure...that is until my baby awoke at 5:30- whined all morning- we got locked INSIDE the house- the pest man woke her up as I was putting her down for nap- my sister-n-law dropped by and stepped on a half-dead bat in my yard! All before 12:30! I had almost put in a full days work and the day wasn't even half over!

I am sure I will miss this drama while I twiddle my thumbs at the beach trying to remind myself how to relax and do "Me" things. Some things I am looking forward to at the beach....
  • Reading several mindless novels
  • Basking in the sun-perhaps even sleeping in the sun
  • Sleeping past sunrise- however I will probably be up by 7 at the latest
  • Eating in Peace without an 18month old picking food off of my plate
  • Going to the bathroom by myself
  • Taking a bath/shower by myself
  • Enjoying adult conversations 24hrs a day
  • Spending time on the Internet learning about new photography skills and choosing my new photoshop program
  • Seeing Mobile peeps and taking their precious family portraits on the beach

I am sure I will still wish my family was with me though despite the aggravation that they cause me from time to time!

Off to pack my bags! Email me if you need me! :)

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Lawren said...

We definitely missed you! I mostly posted these pics just for you. Come back and visit us soon!