Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time is flying...Carsyn at 18months

OK TIME needs to SLOWWWW down!

Since I last blogged as I was departing for my mama's beach get-a-way time has seemed to be in fast-forward! Getting away and only having to take care of myself was beyond fabulous. (Hopefully I can post pics taken by fellow mama soon *hint hint girls!)

Sure I missed my family but I definitely had no problems relaxing. Although since I have returned my Carsyn Belle has seemed to want UNDIVIDED attention and once bedtime arrives I am too tired to blog plus the extensive photo editing I am having to do. She has not helped me out lately by barely napping! So Alas her 18 month blog is 5 days late.

At this point in time I believe 18 months is my favorite age so far. Carsyn is so affectionate and loves to act the Barney song "With a great big HUG and a kiss from me to you." I think she tries to mimic me when I say "I love you...you love me." She even gave our dinner guest last week, a furniture rep, a goodnight kiss.

Discipline- Our tantrums are still not THAT bad in my opinion. She does throw her arms up and scream but usually a quick "Do you want to go to your room?" will stop it. As far as time-out, I have used that threat for several months now the only problem is that I don't really have a "time-out spot." If I just make her sit in her room she will get up and leave. I don't want to put her in the crib because HEAVEN knows we do not need ANY negative association although I know people say it is not perceived that way but you don't know my child! So at the moment I am still up in the air as to where time-out should be.

Sleep- For the most part Carsyn's sleep has been okay. She usually sleeps through the night atleast 5 nights out of the week. If she gets off schedule or is not put to bed on time it is Hell to pay. This is something that I don't think people understand about my child. While some children can bounce right back mine takes days and days to get back to sleeping well. I will truely jump for joy the day she outgrows this although I am sure it will not be for about 8 more years!

We still struggle with naps- she will go down for them but staying asleep is the problem. She usually naps for an hour-to two but that is it.

Food- Carsyn is not a big eater. I have not concerned myself too much with this as she obviously is healthy. She mostly grazes during the day never really eating much at one sitting. Luckily my child does not want juice often so milk and water are her main beverages during the day. I do have to battle with her wanting sweets often. She is not a big fan of many fruits but I think she will outgrow this.

Potty- Carsyn has been interested in the potty for several months. She sometimes will tell you when she needs a new diaper. Her Mother's Morning Out instructor was blown away that she came and told her to change her. My thoughts on potty-training at the moment are just to introduce her to the potty and pull-ups. She LOVES wearing pull-ups and HATES diapers but I just don't think she is able to understand the concept yet. I am not going to try to do a whirl-wind potty-training effort and expect her to be trained in 2 weeks. I do however intend and think that she will be trained by the end of the year. As of now I am just letting her lead me. It seems when it is my idea she does not want to participate but if she does it on her own she will. ( A personality trait I think will probably last the rest of our lives.)

Summertime- It seems we were waiting forever and a day for school to get out so Nonny and playmates would be able to play but now it seems Summer is FLYING by! We have joined the country club and have been swimming several times but just last week was the first time she interacted in the pool with the other children. Also with summer fun comes bugbites....they love my child and she is covered in them within minutes. Then she itches and itches all day and night- it also has caused a new sleep disruption. Benadryl has become part of our bedtime ritual most nights! I guess I am going to have to tuck a dryersheet in her pants everytime she leaves because I hear they ward of the bugs. It is really out-of-hand and she scratchs to the point of scabs.

Two Firsts- we did have 2 firsts this month. Her first wasp sting which I was not present for so I do not know how she handled it although she seemed to be fine a few hours later. AND pigtails! Carsyn has never allowed me to put them in her hair but at the furniture store she was distracted long enough for one of the saleslady's to put them in. It was THE CUTEST thing I ever did see! AND she kept them in for several hours! I only got a quick snapshot but maybe we can get them in again.

Photos- you would think that one of the benefits of having expensive photo equipment and the knowledge to use it would be fabulous photos of your child. NOT! Carsyn HATES my camera and refuses to look at it. There were 3 photo looks I wanted to do for her 18month photos. The frist one was in her tutu- the next was in a field- and then finally at Mynelle Gardens in Jackson. It is an absolutely beautiful location for photography but of course Carsyn did not want to cooperate. I did manage to get a few only with serious looks of course- tons of back and side views! Here are my faves from the collection.

Okay so that is a wrap up for now...hopefully I will be able to post more frequently next time!

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Amanda Jones said...

We usually use the pack-n-play for timeout, so maybe you could try that! We use his bed also, which ever one we are closest to.