Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My little monster

The only speed my little belle knows these days is FAST! If I thought she fell alot when she was learning to walk...ho ho no...she falls at least 50 times a day. Just SPLAT on the floor. I assume it is because she gets going and can't find the brakes? Also this climbing business is out of hand! We are climbing on EVERYTHING! In one morning she fell off the back off the couch onto the floor and from the front of the couch onto the floor. The back of the couch fall really freaked me out because that is a good 2+ feet backwards!

Also if you don't want something lost you better keep your eyes like a hawk. "Supposedly" Carsyn has lost her father's truck keys and cell phone 2 weeks ago that we have yet to find. Now granted her father needs NO help in losing things as he is quite good at this on his own, but she does tote things away never to be seen again. It takes me forever to find my shoes these days as she has them scattered all over the house.

And I sure do wish I got a dime for every "UH OH" I hear in a day. We say "UH OH" to everything!

This past Sunday while at Grandparent Smith's you would have thought she was a mad woman...running non-stop through their home exploring all of the new places. And outside in the pool...the child who HATES to have her hair washed...wanted me to take her down the the pool! Not once BUT twice! Oh yeah she went under all right but seemed to find it intriguing nonetheless! Unfortunately I have no pics from the day as I forgot my camera and video camera with all of the other 50 bags I had to bring...okay maybe just 5 extra bags. It is amazing what all you have to pack for a day trip much less a 2 day trip which we embark on tomorrow.

We are headed down to the Coast to visit my dad and family. Say a prayer that I don't have 2 nights of complete non-sleep. Hopefully I will remember the camera this time!

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Amanda Jones said...

This age is the most difficult to me, so far! Colby is constantly getting into something or doing something dangerous and the worst part.... no no goes in one ear and out the other!!!!