Friday, March 13, 2009

The toddler switch

Carsyn Belle turned 15 months this week and apparently she switched the TODDLER SWITCH into full gear!!!! All of the stereotypes that go with toddlers she is now proving to be true.

The mear mention of the word "NO" causes her to squinch up her face and pout her lips out and scream as loud as she can. Oh yes! Tantrums here we come! It doesn't last long but I have to try to keep from dying out laughing at her pouty face.

The same squinchy face is also used when she is putting on a show for her audience and wants to get a laugh out of you. She has become SUCH the ham! I have no idea where she gets that from! HA!

Apparently she got her allergies though from her father as she has had some sniffles with the changing in temps and massive pollen we have had this week.

I hate when I read about or talk to people who always act like their life is perfect and never have any problems. While I don't want to seem like a complainer I do wish to portray the real life that we live and well this week has been a little rough on Carsyn.

1st. She fell down (one of thousand times in a day) and hit her face on a jar so she had a black eye all week.

Next. She ran into the bathroom and somehow fell and hit her mouth on the tub causing her mouth to bleed but luckily no broken teeth.

Then. She went to take her nap on Wednesday (which was a LONG DAY because I had gotten 4 hrs of sleep the night prior) and was awoken 20 minutes later due to a poopy diaper and the landscape guys who were using a BOBCAT to break up concrete thus sounding like a freight train was coming thru her window. She then never took another nap the remainder of the day.

AND. On Thursday she went to Mom's Morning Out and apparently fell asleep for 20 minutes before I got there and then wouldn't go back to sleep until 3 that afternoon. I will be requesting they call me next time before allowing her to take another cat nap.

Soooo ups and mostly downs this week but Friday ended on a positive note. We head to Hburg this weekend to visit Nonny! That should be an interesting blog when we return!

Have a wonderful week!
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Amanda Jones said...

Colby is getting good at the tantrums also. We were walking to the car the other day and he wanted to walk the other way. When I said, "no no Colby" he sat down on the ground screaming. So, I picked him up and he pulled the stiff body on me. It's pretty hard carrying 25lbs of dead weight on top of the diaper bag and purse. I can imagine how crazy I looked!