Friday, May 16, 2008

Carsyn 5months

We are gearing up to be out of town a lot in the next couple of months. Summer is always sooo busy! Last weekend we went to Mississippi for Mother's Day but made it a day trip. Trying to get Carsyn to sleep out of town is an even bigger hassle than getting her to sleep at home. This weekend we get to stay here, Thank Goodness.
I will be taking beach portraits of some friend's children so my mom is coming to town to help watch Carsyn. Nonny will be out of school for the summer soon and will be visiting more often, I presume! I can't wait to let her get up with Carsyn on Sunday morning so I can have some extra sleep.

For my mother's day present Carsyn slept a straight 8 hr stretch (first time ever for that long!) But then the remainder of the week she woke up at 5ish every day! UGH! Also she has gotten to where she flips over in her crib and can't flip back and it wakes her up. If ain't one thing with a baby, its another! Maybe she will sleep by the time she is 10?!

In other Carsyn news- she has now really grown attached to Trey(family poodle) and loves to watch him fetch his toys. She thinks it is HILARIOUS! She laughs non-stop to where she can't breath!

Only 6 more hrs until the weekend! TGIF!

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