Saturday, May 24, 2008

Carsyn's week

This has been an interesting week for Miss Carsyn. Definitely not her routine.
Her sleep has been quite sporadic- 10 hr sleep here, 3 hr sleep there, cat naps for 30 min at a time- nothing consistent.

I think our beloved bouncy seat might be on its way out- she will still sit in it, but she REALLY wants to sit up and it just isnt cutting it anymore. We have our bumbo (see picture from last post), but Carsyn's thunder thighs barely fit! Carsyn wants to move so badly she can taste it!!! I think she is going to bypass the whole crawling stage and go straight to walking- maybe runnung! She loves to stand!

We had our first booboo this week. Mommy's fault. Long story short, she bent down to look at a water fountain and her head touched a hot screw for a milli-second and well you can see the pixture for yourself! talk about mommy-guilt!!!!

I also took a pic of Carsyn and her beloved babysitter Courtney. We LOVE Courtney! She rocks!! When I came in yesterday, Courtney said they had been playing dress up! It was too cute to resist a picture!

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