Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Chapter for the Smith Family

Well now that my bosses know I guess I can share with the blogging world that we will be moving back to Mississippi at the end of the summer. Specific time still not determined due to the sale of house. We have already purchased a new home in Summit, MS (Danny's hometown Mccomb, MS) and should close at the end of this month. The home we purchased is a 1930s cottage and needs some touching up and a dash of renovating. After some refinished floors, new paint, and new fixtures it should be a darling house. To bring a bit of Mobile with me we will be painting the front door red like the many cottages that fill Midtown! A piece of my heart will always remain in Mobile. If I get my way one day I will own a second vacation property back down here. My husband's worklife should become a little more enjoyable as he assumes the position at the family store ( And if Daddy is happy everybody is happy!
Mccomb seems to be finally gaining some economic development and being a part of that should be exciting and rewarding. It really has some great potential.

It was sad to see our first home with a for sale sign in the yard. BUT if you know anyone in the area looking take a peek at this

When we first return around September I will not be working until Carsyn and I get settled. Luckily there is a garage apartment that I hope to turn into a photography studio to do my portraits. Of course getting the word out when I will know noone will be challenging! Possibly in the new year I will consider joining the working world again. After spending 5 days straight with Carsyn last week I have learned that being a stay at home mom is MUCH more difficult than working! Work is a vacation! What is ironic is that Carsyn will be the same age as her daddy when he and his parents moved to Mccomb and we will be living in the exact neighborhood that he did. I figured out that Carsyn and Jamie Lynn Spears daughter will be in the same grade at Parklane Academy- won't that be a thrill! HA HA!

Im sure that I will post renovation pictures when we begin in July.

On to the next chapter!!!

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