Sunday, June 1, 2008

Almost 6 months and oh the things we have learned!

It is AMAZING how much a baby learns in 6 months! They are like little sponges...their brains working non-stop trying to figure out the world!
This weekend we got to stay in town- YEAH! So we had plenty of time for a few snapshots of Carsyn's new favorite past time....SITTING UP! She ALWAYS wants to sit up! Which is great since I have been waiting for this to be able to take better photographs of her! Still not a big fan of rolling over nor scooting or crawling but definitely sitting and standing! She can also stand holding onto something by herself for a few brief minutes! She LOVES to stand!
She also LOVES to drink from your glass- forget the bottle this kid wants a cup! Whenever you go to drink something she reaches out and about knocks it out of your hand to get a sip with her mouth wide open! I think she likes the cold against her gums! Which are still teething but no teefies yet! So now we have a sippy cup where we drink our juice. She can hold it and put it up to her mouth (remind me to get a picture of that, of course I am usually the one holding her!)

Which brings me to Mommy phase....we are still definitely in mommy phase. Not sure if it is separation anxiety but if she knows Im around she will hollar for me to get her from whomever is holding her! I love to know the angel loves me but sometimes mommy would like to pass her off and recently at a family function this was not an option!

Since I have been busy taking portraits of other people's children, me, my mom, and Carsyn took a trip to the local park to catch a few pre-6month pictures. A preview to the beach portraits I will take in a couple of weeks when we go down for our vacation.

We have our 6 month appointment this week- I had to move it up because Carsyn seems to have a bit of allergy or something. Her eye constantly waters and one day this week she woke with a rash or something on her cheek. I held off on taking her to the doctor since we were going this week for shots...who wants to go to the doctor twice!

My mom has been here helping since our beloved Courtney is out of town. Thanks Nonny! I got to go out with the girls for a little Sex in the City movie and dinner! WHOOHOO!

Well enjoy the portraits of this weekend! Until next time!

"Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy"

"Look at all my toys!" "Is that star looking at me?"

"I like to sit up and smile in my crib but NOT sleep!"

"Me and daddy laying on the couch"

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Anonymous said...

She's so cute and so grown!! She looks like her daddy!!!