Friday, June 6, 2008

My baby is as big as a one year old!!!

Today was Carsyn's 6 month appointment- a week early to check on our eye condition.
20 lbs and 27 in was the result! The doc said, now just because she is 20 lbs doesnt mean she can turn forward in her car seat- you have to wait until 1 year!I think riding in the car is going to be so much more pleasant once she can turn around and see everything. Carsyn HATES to be by herself and currently car rides are more than unpleasant, almost unbearable!

The doc said the eye seemed to be okay but we would watch it. I have been watching it and I think she has some allergies I just dont know to what!

He also asked how her sleeping was...I told him she still woke up 2times a night and he said that needed to stop. And we would have to let her cry. I said I had no problems with this but Daddy cant seem to tolerate it. In fact let me share with the blogging world a story about how I asked Daddy to not go get her when she woke up and he did it behind my back while I was asleep and refilled her bottle so I wouldnt know he had gone to get her!!!!!!!! Little did he know I can figure these things out!I told him that he did her no favors and now we have to start all over!!!! When we return from MISS this weekend it is going to start again! This baby has to learn to sleep!

We leave in the wee-early morning to get to Mccomb for a Honey-do shower that we are hosting for Mike and Amy, this adorable couple! Should be a great time- Crawfish Boil on the lake!

So new post when I return from the weekend!!!!

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