Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

This weekend has been so relaxing and enjoyable!

Saturday Carsyn and I cleaned up around the house and ran an errand and then off to lunch with Capt. Pappy (my dad) at Olive Garden. She was all smiles but lordy taking this youngin' anyhere these days will wear you slam out! Forget sitting in a highchair she wants to sit with you and get into everything!!! AND Capt. Pappy might just be the worse grandparent about letting her have her way!! Needless to say she didn’t get her afternoon nap because he and she wanted to play!

Now, I know you all may say I’m crazy but I have several witnesses that can testify that Carsyn can say the word "Hey!" It all started on Saturday when we ran by my friend Kristy's house. She kept telling Carsyn to say "Hey Nick" to her dog and all of the sudden she said "HEY!" We looked at each other with big eyes laughing and said did you hear that?! Then she said it again!!! I told Danny and he said whatever! Well today on our visit to Dauphin Island she said it about 4 times to different strangers and this time he heard it! Danny always says "Hey" to Carsyn when he sees her so I guess she has heard it so much she is repeating it. I’m sure she doesn’t know why she says that sound but she definitely says it when you tell her to tell someone "Hey!"

So today we took a little drive over to Dauphin Island. It is sort of a little secret in south Alabama... nice and quiet and pretty. We went to the Dauphin Island Estruarium for a little marine biology lesson. Carsyn had more fun looking at all of the other kids playing rather than the fish. I have to get this baby into a playgroup! Anybody know of any playgroups in Mccomb?! So then we took a stroll along the boardwalk for her to see the water. It was her first time to see a "beach." As we pulled up to the restaurant she passed out asleep! So not to wake her we went ahead back to Mobile and stopped to eat when we got back. Carsyn loves to smile and talk to strangers! I hope this outgoing personality sticks with her in life! She is definitely going to be a very headstrong and independent baby but I guess she gets these personality traits honestly!

All in all it was a very pleasurable day and Carsyn enjoyed herself immensely! Her little brain is working in overdrive! She hates to sleep in the event she will miss some action!

This week shall be interesting as our babysitter is out of town and we are having to call in help. Monday and Tuesday CiCi (Danny's mom) is coming to help and Wed & Fri a lady who has never kept Carsyn will help and Thursday my friend's mom is coming to help. Whoa this should throw my poor routined baby for a major tailspin! I hope the stranger anxiety does not surface!

Enjoy the pics from our day at Dauphin Island!

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Candace said...

Hey Amanda.. This is Candace Maddox from Co-Lin.. I am Candace Todd now, I married Evan Todd. We have a little boy, Zeke, he is 13 months and girl do I feel the pain of your baby not sleeping. I have a little boy that doesn't want to sleep either. Your little girl is precious! I was just reading your blog and noticed that your family is moving to McComb, We live in Monticello and I work in Mccomb for an attorney. I would love for you to take Zeke's picture sometime after you have the chance to get settled in!
Hope to hear back!