Thursday, June 12, 2008

SIX Month Birthday

Yesterday was Carsyn's 6 month birthday! It has flown by so quickly!

A few stories I have forgotten to share.....

Seperation/Stranger Anxiety
When at the doctor's the other day he mentioned that Carsyn might start having anxiety around strangers. I told him we had already had this for a while now! Last week Courtney could not babysit so our substitute Brandy came over in her place. Carsyn had just seen Brandy the week prior but when she woke up from her nap and found Brandy there she started screaming for about 25 min straight! Then upon waking from her afternoon nap she did it again! Poor Brandy and Carsyn! Also I have mentioned in prior blogs about Carsyn's need for my presence so needless to say we have been in the phase for about a month now already!

As everyone knows my child does not like to go to sleep. Her naps have gotten longer but she still fights going down for one. This week we have been allowing her to cry when she wakes in the middle of the night. We started on Sunday and by Wed night she slept through the night. Last night however she still woke and cried but the duration of crying was not as long. On the second night, however, I awoke at 1AM to Carsyn crying- I went to check on her and then left her to get herself back to sleep. Of course, upon seeing me her cries got much more intense and loud. Ever since she was placed in her crib 4 months ago she has had a stuffed cow in with her. It is very soft and the reason at first that I used it was because it is big and flat and I used it as a buffer to keep her from rolling and feeling alone. Well on this night (or morning rather) I pushed the cow closer to her but not too close as I was afraid of her smothering! So I wake at 2:30 and she is crying again (or perhaps still crying) I look at my monitor and she has pulled the stuffed animal up to her from her feet and is snuggled up to it with her face nuzzled into it. Of course I was like "AHHH she is going to suffocate" so I wake at 4 and she is sleeping securely holding the cow. I go into her room to try to remove it but she has a death grip on it that is not relinquishing, so I leave her be. At 6:30 when I awake for work she is still asleep and still tightly grasping the cow cuddled up to it!
I guess we have a new cuddle friend! It was so cute I wish I could have taken a picture but didnt want to wake the angel!

Family Fun day- this weekend Danny and I are supposed to take Carsyn to Dauphin Island on Sunday for some quality time together. We have allowed life responsibilities to take over and I can not recall the last time we have all done something together. So hopefully we will have a funfilled day at the Dauphin Island sea lab and beach! Pics to follow!


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