Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beyond Ridiculus

Okay just beware...I am going to vent. I am glad I waited until now to write this because if it had been earlier I was REALLY PEEVED!

You know I think I have been pretty understanding throughout this whole moving process even though every time I attempt to change something it never seems to get done correctly the first checking account, insurance, driver's license, etc etc. If you recall the previous posts I slightly expressed some frustrations dealing with this process.

WELL TODAY BEAT IT ALL! It took me 5 phone calls before I could get an appt set up with a new OBGYN here in Mccomb because they kept telling me to call back so I finally switched to a different doctor and WHAMO got an appointment.. Even though I was supposed to go back in August.

Well in October I called to set up Carsyn's appointment for her 1 year check up because I knew they would be busy this time of year. I made the appointment for today at 3PM which is a week past her birthday but it was the first appointment they had with my chosen Dr. I started at the end of November trying to get her medical records from the Mobile Pediatrician office and have yet to receive a returned phone call or my records sent! Today I called the Mccomb Pediatrician to verify the time and they had no record of my appointment and refused to see her and made me reschedule for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my child's health you are dealing with. Insurance, Checking account, car tags, driver's license I can deal with but screwing with my child's health is NOT OKAY! Besides the fact that she has a cold and I wanted her checked out and I have some questions to ask I expect that if I make an appointment 2 months in advance that I will be fit into their "OH SO BUSY SCHEDULE" if they make a mistake such as this! Do they know how difficult it is to get a baby to an appointment in between Chirstmas to dos and playgroups etc etc.

GAH! They totally ruined my HOLIDAY spirit today!

My husband bends overbackwards, often times at the expense of family time, to ensure that every complaining customer has their whiney needs met even if it means working longer hours making deliveries himself and I can't get ONE SINGLE person to do their job correctly the first time to save my life!

This Dr office relationship is NOT starting out WELL!

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