Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some Funny Times

Carsyn has been cracking me up lately......

She never had any baby dolls until her birthday but now she has 3 and she loves them. If you tell her to get her baby dolls she knows what they are and brings them to you. In fact the other day she carried one with her on our errands! Sometimes she will bring them to me and hand them to me individually to which I cradle each one and say "Oh sweet baby" Repeat, Repeat, and the she puts her arms up in the air for me to pick her up and say "Oh sweet baby!" She doesn't want me to forget who the REAL BABY is! I fear if there ever is a 2nd child it will be a bittersweet transition for Miss Carsyn Belle! HA HA!

Also she received a beautiful rocking horse for her birthday. We were skeptical as to whether she would get it on it now or wait 6 months or so, but she is already riding! She knows what "Ride the Horsey" means and loves to hear it "Neigh". (Aunt Ann will be soooo proud!)

Carsyn loves my jewelry..she broke 2 necklaces already this week! While she hates to wear her clothes she loves to pull her pretty dresses down and carry them around and look at them!

Carsyn is climbing over EVERYTHING and created herself a juggle gym out of boxes! I turned around and she had climbed up them onto the window seat! AHH! You can't turn away for one second!

She has been doing well with the Christmas tree...she still gets tempted but if you tell her NO she usually looks at you and says something in Babynese (probably like "But I just want to hold it!) and then backs away. The Christmas stockings and Nutcrackers on the fireplace mantle are more tempting and we have to get those down everyday numerous times.

There are many words and phrases that I know she understands yet can't speak. It is funny to see this little person emerging trying to communicate!

She makes us laugh so much!

Here is story that happened today....I am not laughing yet but maybe in a year or two..WARNING not for the uneasy stomach!
We are babysitting my mother's dog for a couple of days (if you recall from an earlier post I gave it to her) and Lilly still is not completely house trained. This morning I thought I smelt some dog poop but I couldn't find it....well a few minutes later I heard a scream and Carsyn had found it and sat it in and smear it all of herself. GAG! UGH! What a way to start the day!

On another note...Carsyn got to attend another buddy's first birthday and I photographed the milestone. Wanna see go HERE

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