Monday, December 8, 2008

So Here is what is going on

The Smith family (including inlaws) have been scurring around this house trying to get it ready for party time. I still was lacking in some furniture (I know the irony, right) AND had to get Christmas decorations up! AHHHH! In addition to the continuous list of "fixer-uppers" that continue in this ole house!

Carsyn and I did make a trip to Southwest Community College for their stage band Christmas production. She only made it through half-way before she started going down for nappy time, but the time we spent there she was thrilled. She had a little Jinglebell necklace on and she shook it along with the music! CUTE! She also enjoyed the lights. I was skeptical as to how she would do during the program but she seemed to enjoy it. I guess we have our first Mccomb Christmas tradition! The same day we attempted to see Santa but I didn't know he had a schedule and would not return until that afternoon! :( So we will have to re-visit! We returned to SWCC that afternoon to have our family Christmas card pic taken by a friend of ours. Here is the one we will not be using....You will see the winning picture on your Christmas Card in the mail!

Also here is our prized couch that I have been waiting on...up until now we have been sitting on a recliner and lawn chairs!

In addition to party preparations I have been finishing up some Christmas portraits for some families...if you want to see go to Everyday I learn something new and I am very excited to share in everyone's memories!

Well I have to go string some Christmas lights on the tree with a toddler! FUN!

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