Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amanda-what's up with your Facebook statuses?

Well apparently my Facebook statuses have caused some concern among my peers and friends. I didn't mean to sound so mellow dramatic but I am definitely not the kind of person to hide emotion very well.

Since my last post the decision to build on our land was drastically changed on Friday when a buyer came in and offered close to asking price. My husband jumped on it and accepted. I know it may seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things but after much deliberation I thought this had been settled. Soo back to the drawing board it goes to find our Home Sweet Home or at least its location. Since this is such a huge investment I want it to be right and not rushed. Hopefully there is a reason for this and something more suited will arise. We all know I wasn't too excited to live among the pastures but I had found the positive and was actually looking forward to the country life.

So that is what that is all about. :)

In other Carsyn news she has developed some new obsessions. First, she loves to MATCH things. She is so proud of herself when she discovers that the blue crayon also matches her blue shorts and shouts "I MATCH I MATCH!" She even held up something beige to her skin and said look "I MATCH!" This age is too funny as they learn about their surroundings.

Also I thought we would bypass the Dora bandwagon but for some strange reason(we have only watched it once or twice) she has now jumped aboard. It started on Friday with her wanting to rent a video- then at the mall on Saturday she saw a Dora nightgown- then on Sunday mom brought her a Dora outfit. And so it goes. It seems the battle to want to keep the Dora nightgown on has ensued. Im not sure how long this will last- but I already have visions of a jungle themed Dora birthday party in 8 months! Yes I am the sad mommy who starts birthday planning as soon as the it previous one ends. Oh who am I kidding I have her birthday parties planned out for the next three years! Sort of ;)

Scared- up until now Carsyn has been quite fearless. But often I hear her say "Oh dat scared me"- loud noise, cat jumped, bee buzzing by, etc etc. She is very afraid of the bees that have taken over our front porch. They are not the stinging kind rather they want our wood, but still she has taken to not wanting to go on the porch. I know around age 3 is when nightmares usually escalate as children learn about more about their world so I am bracing myself for this stage.

So that is our household these past few days....jump on the rollercoaster ride you never know where you might end up!

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