Friday, April 30, 2010

Enjoying Mother Nature

We really have been fortunate lately with some amazingly beautiful weather. I definitely enjoy living in the South during this time of the year. Carsyn and I usually eat lunch outside most days and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home when it is so pretty.

Recently we went to Percy Quinn with some of our bestest friends on a "nature walk." Carsyn is currently obsessed with water and she enjoyed it immensly. I can only imagine what she will think when we go to the beach in a couple of months! Here are some pictures both myself and "miss Tris (Chris)" captured.

We hope to return next week with our play group to have a picnic and play on the playground. It really is a fun spot to go. Im so thankful Miss Chris is around to show us some of these secret treasures!

Today it is raining but I am actually looking forward to the low key weekend and hope to get lots accomplised in doors. It is time to pack away/get rid of some of Carsyn's baby baby toys that I have allowed to continue to pile up! I can not take them anymore!!! When I was sorting them she told me she wanted to give them to her nope that is a negative for now!


In our home search news- the debate still continues whether to build or find an existing home and perhaps renovate. It is a very big decision one that involves lots of moola! I want this next home to be somewhere we intend to stay for a lengthy time period so I don't want to rush it. Maybe we will get a sign somehow?! There is nothing wrong with our current home- we would just like some additonal space and newer amenities.

Random Carsyn Ramblings
While watching our wedding video today
"Mommy you are a Princess!" and "Look Gracie was really tiny like me!" (Gracie now almost 7 then 2 1/2)

She LOVES to pray and it is her favorite thing to do at bedtime. Not sure if it is a stall tecnique but she only wants her Daddy to pray most of the time not me. On the way to school she told me she wanted to Pray instead of sing "Thank God for insert family members names here!"

When she wakes up in the morning she always says " I go to School today?" "I go to Miss Matties' today?" or "I go to Church today?" Much like her parents she is not content sitting at home she always wants to be on the GO GO GO!

And lately Miss Sassy Pants has repeatedly said "WAIT A MINUTE!" "I BUSY RIGHT NOW!" and "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

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Amanda Jones said...

Isn't it funny the things they learn to say and usually from us! Colby said, "uh no sir" to me and I realized I totally say that all the time and in the exact tone he just gave me ughhhhhhh!