Sunday, April 11, 2010


Time- where does it go? I know it sounds cliche' but really it does fly. I mean just a short while ago I was having a care-free life in college. And in all honesty high school is still pretty fresh in my mind as well. But now the teenagers call me Mam'! Yes. I am coming to terms with my new decade I will enter shortly.

Lately there have been a few instances that have made me step back and say "What- am I an adult?" I always wanted to be an adult for as long as I can remember. At twelve I thought I was one. God Bless my mama. Don't worry Carsyn is paying me back for all of my independent strong willed attitudes.

For the past months many have known that my Father in Law is sick with cancer but my own Father also has been sick as he has had Lupus for many years and it is becoming worse. It is quite surreal to see the men who are supposed to be the care givers needing so much care at such young ages. And I stand back and say " Wait a minute God- I am too young to be dealing with this. When did I become an adult? This isn't supposed to happen for 20 more years!" I know all circumstances are lessons to be had but I can't help but have my selfish human nature.

And don't even get me started on how my body is no longer that of a teenagers. I know I am still fairly young and many of my readers will scoff at my insecurities. I know it will only go downhill from here. Recently, I tried on a junior top and died out laughing in the dressing room at where my breasts went. Why don't they come up with a department in between juniors and misses?! It's okay I am gradually accepting the new body- atleast I have breasts now!

In positive news Danny and I have decided to build on our land we purchased on the lake several years ago. I am a subdivision/in town kinda girl so coming to terms with living 10 miles from town will be a bit of an adjustment. In all honesty it is not any farther than my house in Mobile was to my work but driving in town as opposed to driving past chicken houses and pastures is a tad different. I am excited at the possibilites that this land has and having the opportunity to customize my home but also completely overwhelmed with the idea. Do you know how many different types of flooring there are? And I certainly don't want to make a mistake and live with it forever. Carsyn is excited she keeps telling me every day "I wanna new house on da beach!" (lake) I do fear that we will be lonely with no other playmates around but I guess you guys just better get ready to have some play dates at our house! I had set myself up to expect the house not to be completed until next fall but the builder says we should be in by January at the latest! Holy Toledo! My husband hates to share and I tell everything so he probably will not be happy that intend to document this building process. But it's my blog and Ill write if I want to!

So this is what has been going on in my little mommy head of mine in between all of the photo editing, toy picking uping, laundry doing, dinner fixing, etc etc.

I keep thinking of that movie 13 going on 30- yep that is me right now.

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