Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

Every year in addition to the real reason of Easter I will always have another special meaning to Easter that I keep in my heart. Easter was when we found out that in a few short months we would have our precious little girl born. I was only about 3 weeks or so pregnant when I found out. Im sure I have told the story before so I won't go into the details again. While the pains of pregnancy and worries of having a newborn are mostly faded the moment I found out I was pregnant (the day I did my first every Easter Mini photo sessions) is still fresh in my mind.

So this Easter we headed over to my Aunt Jan's just as we have the past few Easters. It was alot of fun although we did miss Gracie during the Easter Hunt as she had her tonsils removed. :( It is so funny to realize that there are now Great-Grandchildren to hunt for eggs and next year when Landon and Aiden can walk it should be even more fun!

Of course Carsyn being the only grandchild in the Immediate family she got THREE Easter baskets! Believe me we have enough candy to last until next Easter.

Here are some snapshots of our day.

Over the camera already

checking out the prizes

hunting with daddy- she did not like having to "search" for her eggs if it involved her having to walk into the shrubs or briars. The "Diva"

Easter morning with her goods.

Easter basket left by Mr. Bunny himself.

When I asked if she wanted to dye easter eggs she thought we should color them with crayons too.


And this is a quick photo op I did with Carsyn a few weeks ago. She is so quickly turning into a big girl I wanted to capture the baby look before it vanished before my eyes. It just so happend that one of my fave photo processors had a Canvas sale so I got hooked up with a beautiful 16X20 Gallery Wrap of this image for my living room. Love it!

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