Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trials and Jubilations

I know many friends of mine who are expecting moms, check my blog to see the trials and I will say Jubilations rather than Tribulations of the first year of Carsyn's life. I hope that my words will not scare you or provide a negative vision of motherhood, but rather show you the "real life" scenarios that we endure. It is definitely the most challenging job you will ever do but also the most rewarding.

As I have discussed in my previous emails, Carsyn's sleep has been a roller coaster of sorts. Much of it to be blamed on her parents for their unknowing accomplice to her bad habits. I read the Baby Whisper book and it helped but it would have helped more had I had it in the beginning. After talking with some friends I realized that the only way for Carsyn to learn how to soothe herself was going to be to let her cry for a bit. It was difficult- don't get me wrong! The first night she cried for an hour and 20 min! Now I didn't just abandon my child to fend for herself but I assessed each situation differently whether I thought she needed to be rescued. After only a few short days she now has set herself up on somewhat of a schedule. I hope I am not jinxing us! Now, she still doesn't sleep through the night yet, but at least she is getting the required sleep that she needs to ensure she is not over-tired and cranky which she has been lately.

Currently this is our schedule:

Bedtime routine begins at 7 and concludes with her soundly asleep by 8.
She wakes at 7:30ish to begin her morning.
Nap at 9:30ish to 10:30ish
Nap at 12:30-1:30ish
Nap at 3:30-5:00ish
and repeat at 7PM.

I had gotten so worried and distraught about her lack of sleep that I became obessive about her routine...and still am a bit! Luckily my sitter, Courtney has been wonderful and followed my requests to perfection! I really did luck out with finding her!

Go read this website to see the importance of sound sleep for your baby.

I guess this is just the first instance of where I as the parent had to make Carsyn fuss and cry for her best interest. I guess it is the same as not letting your child play in the street even though they may want to!


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