Monday, April 28, 2008

She is growing so fast!

Well right after my last post it seems Carsyn has matured mentally by leaps and bounds! She started rolling over- who knew a mother could get so excited about watching her baby roll?! This is good news and bad news. The bad news is that she now rolls in her crib which startles her and causes even more problems to the already existing sleep problems! Also it seems that she likes to roll or scoot when noone is around. I guess she thinks if someone is there than they will help her but if she is by herself than she has to figure it out herself.

Carsyn also has learned that the refrigerator is where her bottles come from and starts bouncing and laughing when you get it. (She gets it honest- I suppose- her parents love to eat!) She watches everything in her surroundings like a hawk. Faces of people are VERY interesting to her as you will see in a pic below. She is fascinated by mouths and noses!

She has two little teeth coming in at the bottom already- I figure they will be in by 6months. She has been eating her fruits and veggies now for a few weeks and LOVES them! She just bouncys and laughs when you feed her! She is like a little bird with her mouth wide open! And she watches you when you eat to see how it is done! I will be happy when she can eat real food!

And she just started laughing out loud this weekend. It is so funny and sounds like a babydoll! I am going to try to capture it on video!

This weekend was quite the event. Traveling with a 4 and 1/2 month old by myself was quite interesting. Friday we got an early start to go see my grandmother. It was a sad sight seeing your grandmother not look the same as she used to. On the way from there to Mccomb Carsyn decided to have her dirty diaper just as we pulled out of the building. So off to the side of the road to change it. When we arrived Carsyn apparently had stranger anxiety and was overwhelmed by all of the attention (added to lack of naps) so she would only come to me. She went to bed pretty early that evening. Saturday we went to downtown Mccomb for the Iron Horse festival. She did pretty good for it to be so hot and during nap time. Come Sunday when it was time to leave she had finally gotten acclimated to the new family members but it was time to leave! :( We stopped by for a visit with my mom in Hattiesburg and then off to Mobile we headed to arrive in time for bath and bed. Carsyn did fairly well in the car but she can only make it about an hour and then she gets tired of being by herself. My child does not like to be by herself! Something else she gets honest from both parents! Anywho, as we approached Lucedale (35 min out of Mobile) she started screaming and did so until we arrived in the driveway. When I pulled her out of the car she started laughing hysterically! She was so happy to be out of the car! It amazes me everyday how much she knows already! She definitely is becoming her own person.

This weekend is a very non-eventful one, thank goodness! I think we are going to have some lessons in sleep this weekend because I really am at my wits end and I now Know she is smart enough and capable of sleeping for longer stretches. It will be difficult but it must be done!

Enjoy the weekend pictures! I will try to get some video this weekend to upload!

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