Friday, April 4, 2008


Not All Superhero's Wear Capes!

The most difficult job in the world is a Mommy! You never really appreciate your mother as much as you should until you have your own child! When I was pregnant I wondered how will I ever know what to do- I have never been around a child, but then miraculously when Carsyn arrived it was like I had always had a baby. No I dont have all of the answers of how much to feed her, what to feed her, when to let her cry, but you still have these instincts that take over and alert you to her needs. This is a blessing and a curse because you can are the only one that can usually figure out what she needs but then there comes a time when you get burn't out! Carsyn will be 4 months next week and the lack of sleep and constant need for attention is wearing on me! Don't get me wrong, my husband is wonderful and helps out when he can, but he works a lot and the mommy is who ultimately does most of the grunt work while Daddy gets to play. Add to that the fact that I work and I have to also get dressed and get myself to work in the morning it has been a quite tiresome few months.

Drastic times call for dratic measures and I think it has come the time where Miss Carsyn will have to learn to put her self to sleep and learn some self-soothing techniques. We have had some decent nights and we have had some REALLY bad nights, but I think I have come to my breaking point. I NEED TO SLEEP and I KNOW she is capable of this. You worry as a mother that you will starve your baby at night but I think she will be fine. Her daddy (like all daddy' s I am sure) is convinced that she is a little more advanced than 4 months which she does seem to show more alertness and advancements than some others her age. I was going to give her until 6 months to ensure she was not hungry at night but I can't take another 2 months of no sleep. And her naps have gotten bad too not just her nights. The swing which has been my saving grace, now can't even get her to sleep. So while it is going to be difficult for all of us I think in the end she will appreciate the better longer sleep as well. I just hope I can persevere and follow-through with the methods! God bless me the strength!

This weekend Danny will leave for the longest stretch since she has been born as he has to go to Market. My mom will arrive this evening to come help me and will stay until Monday. But then I am mostly on my own until Wed. unless my friend Ashley can come stay. I think this weekend/week will be a good time to implement the crying strategies as I will be by myself anyway so maybe I will be too exhausted to run in there at the first sound of her little cries.

Pass any tips our way if you have had success!

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