Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We are still right here!

I know- where have I been lately?! It is not that we have been super busy just nothing much to tell. Carsyn has still not gotten this sleeping thing down yet- her naps only last around 30 minutes to an hour (if we are lucky) at a time and she still wakes about every 3 hrs at night. I have started putting her down at 6PM as soon as I get home and she seems to like going to bed earlier. She usually sleeps until 10PM and then wakes at 1:30, 4:30 and gets up at 7ish. I will be so happy the day she only wakes once in the night. I truly do not think she is still hungry all 3 wake ups I think she just wants to make sure we are still around. I have not let her cry at night anymore because to be quite honest- it is easier to feed her and put her back out in 15 min than listen to her cry for an hour. She goes down to sleep quite easily but it is the staying asleep that we have a problem with. Carsyn has not done this with me yet, but both Danny and Courtney said that they have carried her into her room just to get something and she starts wimpering when she sees the crib~!!!! And she has figured out that if she is not getting attention if she lets out a loud yelp that I will turn and look and there she sits just smiling at me.

Kind of like this picture.....

Monday this week I finally got to go have a girls night out. This was the first time other than one time at Bunko that I have gotten to go do something since she was born!!!! Mommy guilt is the worst but I have told myself I have got to learn to let go and start having fun again. We had a paint party where we drank wine and an art instructor helped us paint a Venetian Water scene. It was hard! Mine looks okay but not great enough to hang in my house!
When I got home Danny had gotten Carsyn to bed and I went in the room to check on her. I smelled dirty diaper- I sniffed her booty and YEP she had a dirty diaper in her sleep! This was a first for us! I was like "Do I wake her up to change it or wait!?" So I waited 15 minutes and she woke up on her own and we got that sucker cleaned! Then right back to sleep to wake up every few hours later!
This weekend we are heading to Mississippi again to visit my grandmother who is still not well and attend the Iron Horse festival in Mccomb. Danny can not accompany us as he has to work so it should be an interesting trip. We will stop by my moms on the way back down to Mobile.

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