Tuesday, July 14, 2009

19 months park and trip to Science museum

Carsyn turned 19months on the 11th...so I am a few days behind...as usual.

We have yet to have our 18 month check up which we will have next week- stupid Dr. offices don't even get me started.

My Carsyn Belle is quite the entertainer. She LOVES to sing. I prayed that I would have a little girl who could and would want to sing. My voice is not awful but when my mom tried to convince me to take lessons and join Choir I refused...not cool in Junior High! Now I regret it deeply and I hope that Carsyn will want to get singing lessons and enjoy it. She surely loves music as of now! I wish there was kindermusik class in Mccomb! Carsyn's latest song to sing- Ice Ice baby. HA HA! Since her favorite word is Ice at the moment and she can say Baby she loved getting to sing this chorus in the car!

We had some excitement this past weekend...our beloved Mr. Cow was almost lost forever! As I was driving down I59 with the windows rolled down I looked in my mirror and saw Mr. Cow dangling out...just as I screamed for Carsyn to put him back in out he flew onto the interstate. The drop I felt in my stomach was vocalized by Carsyn's PIERCING SCREAM!!!! I slammed on the brakes moved over to the service road and reversed all the way down the Interstate watching him get run over by car after car and even an 18wheeler! I jumped out and grabbed him up and do you know he didn't even have one scratch or dirt on him? Lucky little fella- or lucky mama!

Carsyn's car traveling abilities have advanced in leaps and bounds in the past year. When once she could only make it about 30 min before she lost it...now she travels quite nicely most of the time. This weekend on a return trip from Laurel to Mccomb (roughly 2 hrs) she did not make a peep- and awake the entire time. I did entertain her most of the time, but seriously not one PEEP!

My little chatterbox is finally starting to speak more words more clearly. We now say Thank You most of the time.

She also is obsessed with stickers and band aids- I think she thinks they are one in the same and why not they both stick to you? Anyway she runs to the bathroom every morning and gets out the band-aids and yells BO BO BO BO BO over and over wanting me to give her a band aid. She also gets stickers as a reward for going potty but somehow she is getting this mixed up and thinks she should get stickers whenever she wants.

Speaking of the potty- she has successfully gotten me and gone to the potty on her own will about 5 times to tee tee. It is definitely not consistent but I think it is great progress. She has also poo poo in the potty a couple of times but this is because I threw her on it when I noticed the signs.

As I wrote this blog I had to stop and come back of course. When I ended we headed over to a new park in Mccomb I had never been to before. It is very cute and quite. I am having visions of Carsyn's next birthday party being here, however, with a December birthday the weather is always a risk. The year she was born it was almost 80- last year it snowed on her birthday- possibly this year we can just have an average 55-60 degree day? I think I may risk it- I seem to enjoy risky behavior in December. I got married outside in December and it was a perfect 75 degree December day! Anyway here are some pics I snapped of her playing with Aunt Mo.

And also since I started this blog on Tuesday we went to Jackson and had lunch with Grandparent Smiths and to the Science Museum . We went to see the new exhibit(link previous) however Carsyn enjoyed the fish tanks and stuffed animals more. Also we lucked out and they opened the pre-school room as we were about to leave so she got to run around in there too. Watch out though- that slide is SUPER slippery! It was a wonderful outing to get out of the house for several hours.

Two heads are better than one? Yes this snake has 2 heads!

Carsyn and GreatGrandma Smith

Carsyn and 2 of her favorite men in her life.

Slippery slide!

She loved climbing on this frog!

ME and my baby!

Love turtles!

She was hilarious! Jumped right in and put her face in the circle- can you tell it is a shark's mouth? I love how her nose is smashed against the plastic.


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Lawren said...

I LOVE the new pics! She's such a big kid now! And what a relief that Mr. Cow lives to see another day. Hilarious! (Though I'm sure it wasn't at the time.)