Thursday, July 9, 2009

She makes my heart melt

Top 10 Ways my Carsyn Belle makes my heart melt...

When she reaches out to hold my hand... it is sooo tiny.
When she sings Jesus Loves Me along with me at bedtime.
When she runs up and hugs and kisses me when singing I love you- you love me- we're a happy family....
When she makes the snoring noise to let me know she wants to read "Goodnight Gorilla" at bedtime
When she licks her fingers to turn the page in the book like mommy does
When she clears her throat repeatedly while reading bedtime books- apparently I do that often?
When she runs to the door and yells "DAY- DAY" for our dog Trey to come inside
When she acts out the words in a book
When she says "NUMMY NUMMY NUMMY" when she sees food or I am preparing her meal
When she dances...all the time...:)

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