Monday, July 6, 2009

Adventures of Potty Training

So our 4th of July holiday was pretty uneventful. Nonny came up and we headed over to the Country Club to swim and eat lunch. They had lots of fun activities set up including the same inflatable slides and sprinklers like at Dawne's church we had been to. It amazes me that the child who throws a fit in the bathtub when she gets her hair washed also threw a fit to go up on this BIG inflatable slide and go down into the water TWICE! With me of course! It was actually a little scary in my mind because it is pretty steep climbing that ladder while also holding onto your almost 19month old. No fireworks for us this year maybe she will be able to stay up to watch them next year but probably not!

The main news that has been going on in this household is potty training. I had said previously that I would let Carsyn lead me and well she is taking the reigns. Last week she went to the potty all by herself. I heard the ladder clinking on the potty and by the time I made it down the hall she was hollering at me to come in. I thought she was just climbing up there as usual with no intentions but to my amazement I heard the tinkle tinkle in the potty! This has been our last successful trip since last week although we have teeteed and poopooed several times on the floor! BLAH! Anyway she is breaking my wallet with the diapers and pullups because she now thinks the slightest wetness deserves a new diaper. Sooo I think I am pushing foward and going to try to speed this process up. She HATES HATES to wear her diaper so I went ahead and bought her some big girl panties. I am sure there are lots of yucky messes in my future but I am going to see how this goes! Maybe since I didn't luck out on a good sleeping baby this will be my easy battle!

I snapped this one earlier- Mommy instincts start early ;)
God Bless America the home that I love!

Perhaps waiting for a parade to come by?

TTFN! :)

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