Friday, July 3, 2009

Cousin Olympia and a date night

Since I am the oldest grandchild on the Elchos side almost by 10 years for most, except Allysa, I often think of the cousins as more of my nieces and nephews. One cousin in particular, Olympia, I have always had a connection. We were very close when she was a baby and toddler. She was 5 when she was one of my flower girls in my wedding and as I was walking down the aisle she turned to the lady holding my train and said "THAT's MY COUSIN" with such pride. It was so sweet. I have the cutest picture where she is looking up at me while we are dancing but I do not have a scanner to show you. Anyway fast forward 4 years and I have not gotten to see much of her since I started my own family. When we left the Coast last week I asked her if she wanted to come up with us to Mccomb for a few days.

My thoughts were -1st I would get to spend time with her since I have neglected her the past few years. And 2nd she could play with Carsyn and help me out a little! Well let me tell you #1 I definitely achieved because apparently Olympia presumed I would be her devoted playmate for 3 days 24/7 I am NOT exaggerating. And well #2 while she did help me out from time to time the foreshadowing of what having 2 children would be like scared me to death! This child wanted to be outside playing ball in the 100 degree heat all day! I feel I disappointed her in my lack of playing ability that I once had when I was 18. And usually when Carsyn naps that is my 1 hr of solitude but not while Olympia was here..nope we HAD to be doing something at all times! NO tv watching for her. Finally on the last day before I took her back I was able to entertain her with less energetic activities. We went and bought her a couple of outfits and had a photoshoot where she got to be silly in front of the camera.

So while I know it wouldn't be exactly the same as if she were my own it definitely made me REALLY think about whether I could deal with 2! But then again when I saw Carsyn and her cousin Gracie(6) playing so sweetly the other day it did shine a brighter light on the idea. Oh well I guess it is in God's hands and we shall see what the future holds.

Well on Tuesday I headed to Hattiesburg to meet my dad to switch Olympia. While I was there I had arranged with my mom to leave Carsyn with her for the night so that Danny and I could have date night and I could recoup from the last few days and get a few hours to myself plus some sleep make-up. I can't lie I was soooo excited to get to be by myself for 24 that bad? I figured if Carsyn wasn't going to sleep at home she might as well not sleep for her Nonny! But of course she did...yes 7:45-6 with only one cry out at 4AM in the pack n play. Anyway I spent my time playing on the Internet, reading my new Southern Living, eating by myself, and going to dinner and movie with my husband. It was the first movie we have been to since November! We saw The Proposal and it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long long time! Danny felt the same and even though he is a fan of chickflicks I think most any guy would get a kick out of it. We will definitely be purchasing this one for the movie archives.

Since I returned from picking up Carsyn on Wed we have been quite lazy and trying to stay cool in the AC. I can't remember a more hot and humid summer than this one. And the rain- could we please get some of that?! My water billed doubled this month trying to keep the landscaping alive!
Carsyn (like her father) has become addicted to eating ice. She runs around the kitchen yelling "I" "I" "I" until I give her a cup with just ice. Also she has started eating lettuce which I find odd for an almost 19 month old but also Salad is her father's favorite food.

AND THE BIG news update.....last night I heard her climb up on her ladder and before I got to the bathroom she started hollering. She was trying to get her pull-ups/diaper off. I took it off and she sat there. Now she has been just sitting on it for a few weeks now but has yet to go in it. Usually she goes and gets on it after she has already gone in her diaper. So I waited and nothing happened so I went to get her off and she fussed wanting to stay on. And then a few moments later I heard the baby had gone to the potty by herself! I think these are pretty big advancements and I have made our goal to be trained set for September when she starts her half day preschool. She will be 21 months at this point.

Okay until next time! Have a safe 4th! We have no big plans so we will see what the weekend unfolds for us!

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