Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Ramblings of the Smith's

Phewww what a week. Enjoyable while tedious at the same time...but this is life, no?

Monday was Monday I can't quite recall it other than I had a follow-up Dr. visit. For the FIRST time I was impressed with a dr. visit. WAY TO GO Mccomb OBGYN! I was in and out in less than 30 minutes....less than 30! I have never been to the doctor and it not take more than 1hr to 3plus hrs!!!! Let's hope my results are clear.

Carsyn had a new babysitter, Katelyn, that kept her while I was the Dr. It seemed to go well. Katelyn is saving me from losing my sanity until "school" starts back. I am terribly missing Mother's Morning Out! And I think the Smith's are over Summer and ready to hit fall! It is our favorite season with the weather and all. Also including all 3 birthdays! Since we have been having below normal temps this week it has hinted to us that fall is coming soon even though we have to get through dreadful August!

So back to our week....Also on Monday we had a lunch date with some new found friends. Our 1 year anniversary of moving to Mccomb is approaching next weekend and finally after 1 year we have a handful of "friends." Hopefully we will continue to increase our circle. Also my photography business is spreading well. I have given myself some specific goals to reach by my 30th birthday in 2 years.

Speaking of fall- Danny and I had an opportunity come to us to take a cruise in October out of Boston and up the New England Coast. It took me quite some mulling over to decide to leave my baby for 6 days and get on a boat but I had decided that it was too good an opportunity to pass up and my marriage would benefit greatly. Welllllllll turns out the day I called to start the booking process I found out my 10 year reunion was the same weekend! Dang it! We still plan to go somewhere on a trip but the destination is still under discussion. The last real trip we had together was our "baby moon" in which I was 8 1/2 months pregnant.....NOT A GOOD IDEA. Fun for the husband- yes- fun for me -HECK NO! He still talks about Savannah, GA.

On Tuesday my mother came to visit and help with Carsyn. This has not been a good sleeping week for us. I don't understand my child and I suppose I never will. I "think" we might have been having some teething issues because she has been quite the fussy pants lately. Anyway we headed over to Brookhaven were I racked up on some SERIOUSLY good clearance items at Expectations and Macy Taylors. That is always fun! Then Tuesday night Danny and I got to go on a date night. We were going to try our hand at Tennis- since Danny has never played I thought I might have a smidge of a chance of not getting creamed by him. But the rain (which we gladly welcomed!) had a different plan for us so we just had a quite dinner alone with no toddler knocking over glasses or throwing fits.

Then on GLORIOUS Wednesday it rained ALL MORNING until almost 2PM. And since my mother was here to tend to Carsyn I tried to be lazy and lay in the bed watching tv with my husband who also had the day off. So it was pretty much pajama day in the Smith house. Eat, sleep, watch tv, eat again, hang out! LOVELY!

Thursday morning I took Carsyn to the Mccomb Railroad museum because our beloved Ms. Mattie was holding a special storyhour and train tour. Carsyn was in one of her fussy moods and got overwhelmed by the crowd so it didn't go so well. After lunch with the other Smiths we headed home where Carsyn took a mililsecond of a nap. It was ridiculous. And I had to take Carsyn to her 18 month check up (almost 2 months late). I am not a big fan of this clinic and this visit sealed the deal- definitely making a switch. However, I am leery to make a switch until we resolve Carsyn's records. You see, supposedly the Mobile records indicate that she didn't receive her polio vaccine so we are not sure if she got it and someone forgot to write it down or if she didn't get it at all. Lovely. The two shots she did receive were the worst she has gotten. Every time she saw the band aid she started screaming again. Bo Bo Bo Bo Bo over and over. My little belle has become quite the drama queen! While she used to not shed a tear at a fall or hurt now she makes a dramatic scene. She also gets dramatic if her daddy tells her no sternly and sometimes when I do it. but for some reason Daddy's nos hurt more.

Luckily I had Mom's Night Out that evening so I got a break! The food was terrible but the company was great and I had the best time. Hopefully next month we can have good food and good company!

And today Carsyn belle decided to start our Friday at 5:15AM. Needless to say she had to have 2 naps which is fine by me except what happens when she has to go to school one morning in 1 month and she wakes up at 5 and can't make it until 11:30. These are the things that pass through my head. I didn't even ask the Dr. about a possibility of her having sleep apnea at her visit because they always seem to make you feel stupid. Plus I know he didn't get a good look at her tonsils. I wish I had a pedi I could talk to that didn't just brush off what you felt or thought. We did enjoy lunch at the country club with Daddy and a quick swim (wout Daddy).

Mommy has lots of pictures to take this weekend and a visit to the Grandparent Smiths. Stay tuned!
BTW my new favorite thing Carsyn has started doing this week is trying to snap her fingers to songs like I do. Oh and tickling- she tickles me and daddy and says "tick tick tick". That little Belle is growing so big.

OH and I forgot to mention Pottying! Today was definitely a record- tee tee in the potty atleast 5 times and the first time to potty in public at the country club TWICE! We have had a couple of accidents on the floor beside the potty this week but that was my fault. I have got to learn some more patience...potty training is difficult for the parents too!

Ok I am gone this time.


Lawren said...

Note to self. No baby moon at 8 1/2 months! Hope y'all get to go somewhere fun on your trip!

Lawren said...

Of course! You know I'd LOVE for you to come to my shower!