Sunday, August 2, 2009

The past and the present and the future

Okay I have totally slacked on Carsyn's blog this week because I have been soooooooo busy with my photography and that blog. This is allll very good and exciting but I feel I am finding myself turning in a thousand different directions! Hopefully now that summer is coming to an end so to speak and Preschool is starting back we can get back into our groove! I like having a groove! And order!

So this weekend marks our 1 yr anniversary to relocate to Mccomb. This time last year Carsyn was just beginning to crawl and I was adjusting to being a stay at home mom. It is AMAZING how quickly the time flies! While I had my reservations about leaving my beloved Mobile the transition has been good for Carsyn and our family. After several months my husband now has 2 days off a week (most of the time) while before he worked 7 days a week almost all of the time! Carsyn and I are slowly making new friends and I look forward to expanding our circle once fall arrives. I started a Mother's Night Out group and while the entire invite list has not been able to make an appearance we have had 3 meals at area restaurants. I look forward to continuing this and exploring the area.

What's new with my Carsyn belle as we approach month 20? Well it seems we are entering a new phase of our already terrible sleep issues. When before she used to go to sleep with no problems but awaken shortly- now she does not want me to leave her. The bedtime/naptime battle has already gotten worse. And it is only with my presence because her daddy can go in and she lays right back down so apparently she just wants my presence. While I appreciate the unconditional love I am not enjoying this phase. AND I dread the day we enter toddlerbed instead of a crib! I am hoping we can stay in the crib until atleast next summer! She shows no signs of climbing out of it.
Pottying is still hit and miss- ha ha literally. I do think she is grasping when she needs to go but she seems to go often so does their body start holding it so they go less frequently?
Everyday she says a new word this week I know I heard Juice and we have gone from "Mine" to That's Mine! I also think I heard something like "What's That?"

To recap from the previous blog after several rounds of discussion with the Mobile pedi and the Mccomb pedi apparently Carsyn definitely did not get her 3rd polio vaccine although no one has yet to tell me why. I still have my reservations about the thought of her accidentally receiving a double dose but I guess she will get this make-up shot at her 2 year.

Also since my last post Danny and I decided upon our fall trip- we will be traveling up the Northeast coast from Boston to Maine in October. Hopefully we will see some beautiful fall foliage and I will survive being away from my baby 5 days! Our trip will begin on his 30th birthday- a coincidence but memorable none the less.

Okay I have to get back to "editing" while I still have some quite time!

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Lawren said...

That sounds like a fabulous trip! I've always wanted to do that. P.S. I think my shower is going to be November 8!