Monday, August 17, 2009


OKAY so after putting myself and Carsyn through a week of Hell I decided to call her Pediatric Dentist (also a family friend) and ask her opinion on the cups. She said that as long as she didn't go to sleep with it and I brushed her teeth that they were okay. The sucking she does on the nipple shouldn't be a problem and hopefully she will outgrow the cup. So yesterday morning when she woke I went and got her cup of milk....when I handed it to her she cuddled up in my arms looked up at me with her BIG BROWN EYES and said "DANK YOU." I said, "Did you just say Thank You?" and she repeated "Dank You." Man did I feel like dooky. However by taking the cup away I was able to stop the night wakings we were having so I do think that was beneficial. She now will sleep all night but only for 10 hours which means she is up before 6 most of the time.

Also on Saturday, we went to Hburg to visit with my dad and mom. While we were eating at the restaurant Carsyn came and got in my lap and was trying to get in the diaper bag. Often times she just likes to pull everything out of the diaper bag so I told her NO. This erupted into a major screaming fit and mom had to take her outside. When she brought her back in Carsyn immediately came to me and the diaper bag again- she reached in and got out the diaper and wipes and handed them to me. I said "Do you need to go potty?"and off she ran, so after she had gone teetee I felt like DOOKY AGAIN! She was trying to tell me she had to go! This is probably a scenario where my friend's class would have come in handy. Oh and lest I not forget that her diaper was dry so she had not gone since we left Mccomb 3 hrs earlier. She went several more times at my mom's house. Major progress!

Talking- My little chatterbox has probably doubled the vocabulary she speaks in the last week. All of the sudden she just started saying new words. Last night while preparing dinner she sat on the floor with her Nursery Rhyme book- she said "Clock" wanting me to read Hickory Dickory Dock and then when I finished she said The End. It was so exciting!

Okay I think this week will be a MUCH better week...I can already tell!

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Amanda Jones said...

Isn't it amazing how many words they start speaking at this age. When we go places Colby names everything like it's a game or something. Show Carsyn the sign for potty every time she uses the potty or her diaper and she will start using it to let you know. I babysat a little 15 month old Saturday and he started singing book because he kept seeing Colby do it. At this age they can pick up a sign in one day.