Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random road trip to GulfCoast

So before children when you or your husband said "Hey let's drive down to the Coast house for the night just to get out of town" you were like "OKAY HECK YEAH!" Now post children when your significant other gets a wild hair up his booty you say "WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY? Drive down 2 hrs and then drive right back the next day?"

I am not SPONTANEOUS! I repeat I am NOT SPONTANEOUS! But for the sake of not being the mean anal wife/mom I tried to be when my husband presented this scenario to me on Sunday. Up until 3:30 on Tuesday I STILL didn't know if we were going that night or what! I am a PLANNER! I have to pack bags and get snacks/food/milk prepared for baby. I have to worry about baby sleeping- and mommy sleeping. At 4:00 my husband said okay let's go.

I threw cares to the wind and said Okay let's see how this goes. We left at 4:30 and headed to the Coast. The plan was to meet my dad at a Greek restaurant he wanted us to try in Biloxi. The Belle did FANTASTIC! Not a peep the entire way! Just played and played. We stopped in Wiggins to get gas/bathroom break and got her some dinner ( I didn't think she would want Greek or to eat that late?) Nutritious dinner for her? No, but sometimes you just let the toddler eat a happy meal. I did squeeze in a banana and yogurt with the meal. We arrived at Mr. Greek's at 7. After eating we headed back West to Pass Christian- love this house! The Belle fell asleep on the ride over as I had planned and I carefully transported her to Pack-n-play.

Danny, my dad, and 2 guests fished off the pier while I enjoyed a long bath soak and then got to bed. Some point in the middle of the night Carsyn awoke freaked out because she didn't know where she was. It only took me about 30 minutes and she went back to sleep and slept until 7!!!! WHOOHOO!! While her daddy continued to sleep we ran down to the deli for some breakfast and then I decided we might as well go see the beach. She has not been back to the beach since last year's summer beach trip and I had no beach pics for 09.

The Mississippi Coast has a special place in my heart since that is where I was originally born. As I have said before I am very proud at how far the revitalization the Coast has come now 4 years later almost on the anniversary of Katrina. Anyway as I drove down looking at the water and trying to find a safe spot for us to pull over for some pics- I see the picture below. A beautiful rainbow in the sky over the water in between the most beautiful fluffy clouds. My Mamommy would have said

" How can you not believe in God with a beauty in nature like that!" On the other side of the water you could see the rain storms coming down from the clouds. It was a very peaceful morning and I was glad I had agreed to the road trip. We went back to the house after a few non-cooperating pics were taken. The belle is not a big fan of sand on her body- can't blame her- neither am I!

We left about 11:30 to head back and planned to stop and eat lunch in Hburg. I was hoping if time permitted to see my cousin Adam's new baby Aiden who arrived on Monday. Well this is where the story takes a slight turn. Yep I am going to call my husband out on this one and say I told you so! I have been driving down to my dad's on the Coast BY MYSELF since I was 15. I know these roads. But what do husbands do? They tell you that you don't know directions and they know a short cut that takes us 45 minutes out of the way back to where you started!!!!!!!!! In the time that we would have been to Hattiesburg per my directions we were back in Gulfport!!! And it was 1PM with no lunch! Needless to say he was a little peeved at himself. Being the good wife I didn't gloat too much. I just wanted food.

So we made it back home around 3:30 just 24 hours shy of when we departed. The Belle was a trooper! It was a nice little change of pace. I will try to remember that next time Husband gets a wild hair.


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