Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Smith's are getting smarter

Well Carsyn Belle isn't the only one in the family who is expanding her knowledge. I always loved school and enjoy learning- yeah you can call me a dork. Anywho, I can completely relate to my little Carsyn Belle lately as she experiences the thrill of learning new things. Every day she is saying a new word and understanding comprehension more and more. While I get tired of reading the same books to her over and over about 50 times a day I know how excited she is to point with her little finger to an object saying "what's that?" and hear me tell her. I have tried to explain to her that I can not do this while driving but she still continues to ask "what's that?"

Daddy has also now entered into a new "hobby" that will allow him to learn new things and expand his extracurricular mind. While he works works works all of the time and we hate to see him gone anymore I am happy for him that he will have something to look forward to as he has now become a Referee for the Private High School football Assoc. He begins this Friday at the Parklane jamboree and he has a lot of learning to do to!

I can relate to her excitement because I too have been learning by leaps and bounds new photography methods and editing techniques. It is so thrilling and gratifying to look at an artist you love and be able to figure out how they did what they did to make the picture look so appealing. My husband thinks my booty is glued to the computer lately but the only time I have free are the 2 hours at night before I have to go to bed because the Belle doesn't allow mommy computer time during the day.

I am excited for all of us and I am looking for outlets in town where Carsyn can experience new skills. She is finally at the age where she can actually grasp a concept and I want to give her every opportunity there is.

Soo Carsyn Belle is 20 months today! We are quickly on our way to 2!! I know it is early but of course I have pretty much planned her birthday party down to the outfit for her 2 year old pictures and invite that I will design. (Oh yeah I can design invites now! YIPPIE!) She is such a silly and funny girl and she keeps me and her daddy in stitches all of the time. The pictures below are examples of her non-stop silliness. That is when she is awake....

Oh yes the sleep drama....I take part blame for this as I know it is my fault for allowing it to continue but enough is enough. Let me try to explain. When Carsyn wakes at night I usually give her milk because it is the only way to get her back to sleep. However I don't feel it is the milk I think it is the cup that she drinks the milk from. You see when she switched from bottle to cup she drank everything else- water, juice from any cup but milk had to come from a NUK cup which is pretty much a modified bottle- atleast that is what the Pedi called it in Mobile. Well enough is enough I have had it with the NUK cups. It is almost as if it is a pacifier to her. So cold turkey I am taking them away. Last night she went to bed at 8- woke at 11:30 screaming when I went in she said "Mil Mil," I said No. She went back to sleep about 15 min later. At 3:30 she woke screaming- I went in she said "Mil Mil, "I said No well it took until 5AM to get her back to sleep and then she awoke at 6:30! I think it will be a rough battle for the next several days but I am trying to be strong. I have given her milk in 10 different cups in the past 2 days and even given it to her without a lid because she loves to drink like an adult but still she refuses to drink from them and throws it across the floor. I am not too concerned about her dairy as I make up for it with cheese and yogurt but I hate to see a child who has always loved milk refuse to drink it simply because it is in a different cup. My hopes are that once she realizes the cup is gone perhaps she will not wake up wanting it at night. I know a little late for this intervention but I had to sleep.

So fingers crossed..... I will update at the end of the week!

She got one of my headbands and put it on....
This is her CHEESE smile- I don't know where she learned it!

Cheese smile with her dog Trey in the bed with her- she thought it was HILARIOUS!

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Lyndsay said...

Yay I'm glad her shirt fits! That last picture is hilarious!