Friday, August 14, 2009

How do you outsmart a 20month old?

Okay so to follow up to my previous post this has NOT been a good week. Really a battle in all areas. First it started with the milk cup and then with the coinciding of her 20month birthday apparently we entered the terrible 2 phase!

Let's back track to the milk cup. The milk cup is a Nuk cup. When Carsyn was 1 she gave up the bottle no problem. She had been drinking from a sippy cup since month 5. She LOVES cups. However she only wanted her milk in a Nuk, so I always gave it to her that way. I started noticing that she was using the cup as almost a pacifier or comforter. At her 9 month appointment the pedi told me not to give her those sippys because they like bottles if used prolonged could cause dental problems. So after the continual wakings last week I threw them away because I knew they were part of the problem. I have had to be strong and I mean VERY STRONG because I have one stubborn toddler. Grandparents have said "Oh what will it hurt just let her have it." But I have not given in.

And Carsyn has not drank milk. I gave it to her in 10 different styles of cups that she drinks all of her other beverages from but when its milk she wrinkles her nose and throws it across the floor. In concern of her reaching her dairy quota I tried to come up with other ways to deceive her. First, I let her drink it from my glass- NOPE. Next, I told her it was Cow Juice and put it in a cup she couldn't see- NOPE she didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. Then at a play date I got the mom to give her one of their cups and made a big deal out of it being her new milk cup- It worked for a bit but not really. Then I got Ovaltine thinking if I could make it chocolate it would work- NOPE! Then finally I had the brilliant idea to freeze the ovaltine mixture into a popsicle- SUCCESSS! For the first time ever I heard my little girl say "MORE MORE MORE" as clear as day. It only took me 3 days to outsmart a 20 month old! I was excited and embarrassed at the same time! Today I did get her to drink a little of the ovaltine but she didn't see me pour the milk into the cup. I hope if I persists eventually she will come back around to loving milk.

In regards to the sleep/milk relationship...She has slept through the night since I took it way but only for 10 hours and up by 5:30 every morning only taking an hour nap once a day. This makes for a VERY long week for mommy. Today was the worst day- she was a grumpypuss ALL DAY!

Ahhhh God grant me the serenity....

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