Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who is the most beautiful toddler?

Carsyn Belle! Okay maybe we are partial but these pics just make me smile. She FINALLY let me put her hair up in a ponytail yesterday to go to the pool and it was soooo precious!

And this morning she climbed in the recliner in her room grabbed several books and I heard

" dabba nappa tabba BALL dabba nappa tabba MEOW dabba nappa tabba EYE" ha ha I love to see/hear her read to herself!

Playing in our rain boots in a summer shower..
Beautiful little girl in a ponytail! Doesn't she look like a big girl?! :( Tear


Lyndsay said...

OMG she looks like such a big girl in her ponytail! nooo!

Hughes Family said...

Oh my goodness she is precious!!!! Amanda she looks so much like you with her hair up like that!!! AAWW! Don't you hate it when they finally let you put their hair up and then you look and think "wait, she just grew up before my eyes!" :( They will always be out little girls though. :)