Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My life is too good...

So After we returned from the Coast Carsyn had Mom's Morning Out on Thursday. Then that night I got to go to our Monthly Mom's Night Out. WHOOHOO! We had our largest group yet! 9 MOMMIES! It was such a blast. We ate at Santa Fe- I give them 3 stars- my food was pretty good but it never fails that they ALWAYS mess up at least half of the orders. Next month is going to be at Chilly Willy's in their new dining section. I am super stoked!
On Friday Carsyn and I met up with Dawne/Hannah and Jennifer/Abigail to go swimming and then tested out the Chilly Willy's new dining. THEN that night the Webb neighbors had us over for Steaks! YUM! Carsyn was so worked up it took me until 9 to get her to go to sleep! We have entered a new sleep phase- we now will sleep longer but getting her to slow down and go to sleep is the new challenge! SO MUCH TO SEE and DO! I know I have said it before but I am saying it again now that I can for see the future... I want her to sleep in a crib FOREVER!!!!!!

Saturday Danny actually gave me a surprise break and took Carsyn to work with him at the store. I got 2 hours by myself to shower and run to JC Penny. Penny's coerced me with their darn $10 off coupons dang them...spent $30 I didn't need to! Then Saturday afternoon was spent just playing outside enjoying this unbelievable weather! Really 65 degrees in August! We are loving it!

Carsyn said a new phrase on Sunday morning as we were leaving for Church "LET's GO!" but once we were in Church and the guest speaker was going a little long-winded she started saying a new phrase "Outside" "Outside!" HA HA! That little girl says something new everyday. She also told me cereal- bowl this past week.

Sunday afternoon my dad come over to visit. With the cooler temperatures arriving (at least for this week) it always gets me in the mood to cook. Well I made a big dinner for Me, Danny, Dad, and Mr. Alan. I have to say it was Scrumptious but the most labor intensive meal I have ever prepared! I was in the kitchen well over 2 hrs and couldn't leave. See the recipe here if you want to try it. Then Carsyn and I went outside with the men and played a few rounds of football. This girl LOVES the outside and anything related to a ball. I will be interested to see what/if sport she decides to participate in. Once again the weather was INCREDIBLE!

So here is a new sleep story- yesterday morning Carsyn awoke at 5:15 and I let her cry till 5:30 then afraid she wasn't going to go back to sleep and mess up our wonderfully fun day I went in to get her to sleep. She cried while I held her for a good 15 minutes and then just passed back out at 6. I was holding her in the recliner and just fell back asleep myself. When I awoke at 7:30 I was tired of sitting in the chair so I was able to roll out of the recliner and leave her in it. It was so funny to see her curled up in the recliner and she slept until 8!!!! She also took a 2 hr nap yesterday!

Storytime started back at the library yesterday and we were SUPER excited! We also had a picnic at the park with some of our SAHM group friends.

So like I said right now life is too good and I feel so fortunate. Tomorrow Danny is off and we are going to find some type of adventure to get into!

Stay tuned!

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