Friday, January 16, 2009

Carsyn at 13months

Carsyn has been a busy bee this month. Her vocabulary and understanding of words has expanded exponentially! She now knows that her favorite place is called Outside and whenever the word is mentioned, it sends her screaming like a mad man to the door. She also knows that when one puts on their shoes it usually means they are going outside so the mad man returns running for the door waving and saying BYE BYE BYE BYE. She is so cute and funny you can't help but want to take her out. This cold weather this week has caused us quite the disturbance but more on that later in the blog. Carsyn knows what milk is and will run to the fridge and point saying Ma Ma Ma when she wants some. For some reason she LOVES the fridge and wants to get in it all of the time. She has now developed a new taste for fruit so she eats grapes and apples almost daily. YEAH! I am not sure if this was on purpose but the other day she had a dirty diaper and she went and handed me a new diaper. Potty training is not something I am looking forward to! Also she loves to ride things ...her rocking horse, her bike, her FisherPrice horsey, even our pet Trey! HA HA! He is only 8lbs!

So my dad has been over several times to deer hunt this month. Not many deer to show for his efforts but I secretly think he just likes coming to see Carsyn. When I went into the playroom/guest room the next morning after he left to hunt this is what I found


These are some leapfrog learning letters like the kind you put on your fridge. Well instead of having little letters all over my kitchen I got this idea from another mom's blog. You get cheap baking sheets and hang them on the walls in the playroom and put the magnetic stuff on them to keep them in place! I think it is a neato idea!

Before the really cold weather hit I tried to let Carsyn play outside as much as she could. Here she is modeling one of her new birthday/Christmas outfits!

And today with the temperature below freezing what do Carsyn and Mommy do to entertain themselves???? They PLAY DRESS UP! You will be seeing more of this tutu come the spring when I do some actual portraits of her. Of course we know she does not like to cooperate with my photographing efforts. These are some I managed to capture!

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Lawren said...

That is the cutest tutu! Where did you find it? I'll have to remember that baking sheet idea! So creative!!