Thursday, January 8, 2009

Combo blog

As I go about my day several blog worthy topics float through my head but each one does not seem to have the significance to stand on its on so here is a Combo blog....

#1 Re-living childhood

It seems as though many of the same toys that I enjoyed playing with as a child are still around. As I purchased Carsyn's Christmas gifts I would recall that I received these same presents at one point or another. The see and say farmer (not as good as the original but fun nonetheless), rocking horse, cabbage patch kids, blocks, puzzels, etc etc are all still favorites of mine and Carsyn's. Of course technology has advanced as Carsyn's horsey now connects wirelessly to the TV to provide educational stimulation as well. Every person who enters our home is taken by Carsyn to her playroom where she proceeds to get on the horsey and show them how it works! Too funny!

Recently I discovered our local PBS TV station, and they still run the same favorites such as Sesame Street, Clifford the big red dog, Curiuos George, etc etc so we now keep it on in the background every morning. Who needs Baby Einstien when these classics are still playing the same episodes from the 80s!? I do not believe that Carsyn minds them much attention yet but I sure do enjoy them! HA HA!

#2 One nap or Two

Anybody who is a reader of this blog knows what an AWFUL sleeper Carsyn Danielle is. So bad to the point that I will probably never be able to consider having a 2nd child. Well now we have entered the yucky one nap zone! As I stated previously I have been trying to get her on a set wake up time which has gotten better but still wavering. Wake up can be anywhere from 6:30-7:30 now. When she awakens earlier I feel she needs 2 naps. The morning nap is a necessity while the afternoon nap she seems to just want to ignore. When she slept until almost 8 one morning this week I let her only take one nap at 11:30 and she seemed fine the rest of the day after only napping for 1.5hrs. She slept through the night and awoke at 6:30 the next morning which set us back to the 2 nap schedule for this day. I hate not having a routine but I have read that during this phase sometimes you have to waiver back and forth for a few months until they can achieve enough wake time to get them to one nap. Once we achieve the one nap Carsyn can attend Mom's Day out and I can take her to this new Stay-at-home mommy biblestudy I have been invited to. I think we still have a couple more months yet before it is!

Okay a more fun blog next time after our weekend in Jackson!


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